90210: On The Mend

This week on 90210 several wrongs were righted, or at least, on their way to being right again.

Dixon, Teddy and Ivy helped expose Jen and Liam's tryst to Naomi. Naomi told Jen she never wanted to see her again. Ryan also got wind of Jen's nasty deed and dumped her on the spot. Hurrah! Naomi also placed an apology phone call to Annie. Didn't see that one coming!

Adriana decided to try and get clean again after missing Silver's mom's funeral and finding out that Navid was in the hospital. She delivers Navid not one, but two apologies.

Annie and Dixon also make up after months of fighting. Thank goodness! I missed their cute, sibling bond. Nothing will ever top their road trip to see Dixon's mom.

This episode also brought the first kiss for Silver and Teddy! I love the idea of them together. Not quite sure why Teddy is being so tentative about pursuing her, but I want it to happen! Immediately!

At the end of this episode Navid remembers that he was in fact pushed down the stairs and he knows who did it! Oh Jasper, your judgement day has finally arrived my friend!

Previews for next week show that the Winter formal is upon us! You know what that means - date drama and dress envy!


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