90210: Tisk, Tisk Jasper

Since last Tuesday I have been looking forward to this week's episode of 90210 which I dubbed "Jasper Meets the Family." As expected, Jasper's creeper vibe was not overlooked by Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and they demanded that Annie stop seeing him. But it's "me and him against the world!" Oh we know, Annie, we know. We're not sure which demise is more fun, you finding out he's a drug dealer or him finding out you killed his uncle on prom night. Tough call.

Jasper decides to get even with Navid for starting the "rumor" that he is a drug dealer by pushing Navid down a flight of stairs. That was an honest to goodness O.C. type of moment! I felt like we switched shows for a minute there! Navid's fall was pretty gruesome and seeing him laying still with his eyes closed was grimace inducing.

Silver and Kelly spend the episode in the hospital with their mother. When Jackie gets moved to a private room, Kelly thinks she has passed away and has a breakdown alone in the hallway. When she finds out the real scenario and finally decides to see her mom she tells Jackie she forgives her for all the bad blood between them. Naturally, by the end of the episode Jackie flat lines.

Now I am hoping that Teddy, who was completely absent this episode, swoops in like the knight in shining armor he is to serve as Silver's rock during this hard time. I love the idea of them together.

But I will tell you who I hate together - Jen and Ryan. Although she comes around to camping and comes clean about her finances and her husband, she still neglects to address the Liam issue.

Meanwhile, Liam finally gets the chance to confront Naomi and tells her "I wish I could take back what happened last year. I think about it every day." Naomi is visibly moved by his honesty and in the end, winds up breaking things off with hottie, football-playing, CU-going Jamie for a chance with Liam. Too bad she doesn't seem to know about Ivy . . .

The closing scenes of the episode were set to one of my favorite covers, Ryan Adams singing Oasis' "Wonderwall." Beautiful.

In the next episode, the gang helps Liam formulate a plan to take down Jen. She's a formidable opponent, we'll see how they stack up against her.


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