You Know You Love Me, XOXO

This week's season finale of Gossip Girl was a bit . . . jumbled. It was clear the writers wanted to tie up loose ends, but also add in some new twists to leaving you wanting more. Sadly, the whole hour felt a little discombobulated.

Let's begin with Serena not wearing her graduation cap, but nearly the tassel in her hair. Really? A tad too non-conformist, even for you, GG. And Chuck's salmon colored shirt and tie beneath his gown - tres distracting! And harsh on the eyes. Usually I am a fan of Chuck Bass' brightly colored duds, but this was a fail.

As Serena & Co. try to uncover the true identity of Gossip Girl, there is a brief moment where it appears she could in fact be a "he", and be Eric's boyfriend Jonathan! Now things are getting interesting! Just as I was applauding an unpredictable plot twist, it turns out he merely hacked into GG's email over Spring Break.

As the year comes to an end, the means girls must pass the baton, or in this case, the headband, to a new queen bee. Apparently Little J has some competition in the new girl, Emma. As if the mean girls would EVER accept a transfer student into their circle. Inconsistent and unlikely!

In the end Little J triumphs and the ladies protest "But she's from Brooklyn!" To which Blair responds, "Haven't you ever heard of a foreign queen? Plus, her dad is marrying Lily Bass which makes her richer than all of you." Well played B!

In addition to crowing her replacement, Blair is also making her final attempts to hear those ever important, three little words from Chuck. In a touching scene with her normally cold mother, Blair explains "I hope he is finally ready to love me the way Cyrus loves you." Awww!! SO CUTE!

In a very steamy strip scene, Blair almost coerces the words out of Chuck, but she gets interrupted by a Gossip Girl blast. During her second tearful attempt, she realizes its time to give up.

Just when we thought it would never happen, and we were sure Chuck had disappeared to Europe to find some foreign, female concubines, he returns with gifts for Blair from each country he visited. He finally does say "I love you too" and they embrace, and kiss, and Blair asks "Can you say it twice?" Very cute. At long last, our drama king and queen are ruling the Upper East side kingdom together.

Now onto the twists leading into next season!

1) Gossip Girl is coming to college! I mean, of course. How could she not?
2) Georgina has asked to be Blair's roommate. Oh boy, this is going to get ugly.
3) Scott, who I can only assume is Lily and Rufus' son (based on his magazine photo of them) has come to NYC to track down his birth parents.
4) Carter has located Serena's father! I knew they introduced him in the flashback episode for a reason!

Not Gossip Girl's finest hour of television, but a lot to look forward to in the Fall! I am already trying to decide which girl Scott will hook up with first. Care to place a bet?


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