Baby Mama Drama

When we last left the world's most famous zip code, Naomi was just about to pat herself on the back for successful ruining Annie's sweet 16, when she got trumped by the arrival of Harry and Tracey's lovechild Sean. Complete with military uniform, but of course. We learn in this new episode that Sean is being chased by enforcers for a large sum of money his adopted father owes. Oh, to the tune of . . . $200,000 dollars.

Harry, feeling guilty for missing the first 17 years of Sean's life is ready to take out a second mortgage on the house, or dip into Annie and Dixon's college fund. Um, NO. Both Harry's wife (her name is escaping me, she will always be Aunt Becky to me) and Annie have a "gut feeling" that something is not right with Sean.

We get two prime examples of Sean's creepiness in the following scenes:
1) He comes home mysteriously beaten up (and it did look real, not like something you'd do to yourself, a la Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar)
2) Annie is putting away her clothes, shuts the mirror-covered door to her closet, and who do we see in the reflection - SEAN! Standing like a stalker in a slasher movie! I was waiting for him to raise a giant hook, or a chain saw!

Tracey of course caves and gives Sean the money. With the pressure of a paternity test looming, Sean disappears. Do I care? Not really.

This episode we also discover that although Adriana is on the path to recovery, and has a successful meeting at her rehab center (where she is joined by Kelly and Brenda) she is about to get some upsetting news. Not even her jelly bean separating boyfriend is going to be able to get her out of this one.

Adriana learns her rehab bed buddy Hank has HIV. She gets tested, and the nurse comes out to give her her result, and announces them right in the clinic waiting room! AS IF! Adriana is not HIV positive, but wait . . . she's pregnant! She sobs "What will Navid think??". I guess we will have to wait until next week to see, as he didn't even make a cameo this episode! Something about being at a cousin's wedding.

We also learn that Brenda is planning to adopt a child. She has discovered she can't have children physically, so she is exploring other options. Having a hard time picturing her as a doting mother. We shall see.

The side story this week involved Dixon. His cheerleader friend invites him to a music industry party where he meets Dr. Dre, Denzel Washington, and learns his classmate is in fact a lesbian, dating the lead vocalist of the gospel choir performing at the party. Dixon reveals at the party that he loves to sing (who knew!?) and at the end of the party gets invited on stage to sing "Amazing Grace" with the choir. I am all for this story line, unless he goes down the same path as our dear friend David Silver, and the music biz leads him to alienate all his friends and start doing drugs.

Only two small complaints this episode - MORE ETHAN! There is something endearing about Annie's jock boyfriend, and I feel blue when he's not on the screen. Also, please cool it with the Dr. Pepper product placement at the Peach Pit! Nat would never allow such blatant advertising!


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