Dining Out: The Terrace at Sugar Beach St. Lucia

I am delighted to be sharing more details about my time at Sugar Beach in St. Lucia. Each morning, resort guests are invited to begin the day at The Terrace, a restaurant with a stunning view of the Piton mountains and the beach down below. 

The landscaping in front of the restaurant is beautiful. Many people stop to take photos at this very spot. 

The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia

The restaurant is called The Terrace, because it is literally the terrace of this large building which also houses Boopa's (the grab and go cafe), Cane Bar, The Great Room and The Palm Court. 

The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia

When you approach the hostess stand, you give your villa number and then you are escorted to a table. 

The tables right along the railing are the most coveted. We observed that those tables seemed to be reserved for couples on their honeymoon.

The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia

Most mornings, we were seated in the second or third row of tables. We still had spectacular views from those seats, including of the Pitons. 

The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia

The resort is small enough that each morning you would see the same couples and families. We were often seated right next to a family of seven (two parents and five children) and we would watch in amazement as the kids ordered their meals and then sat quietly enjoying them. 

Once you're settled, your server will ask, "Who would like coffee?" You can get hot or iced. Pro tip: at the end of breakfast you can ask for a to-go cup, so you can bring your coffee with you down to the beach. 

They also offer a variety of fresh juices, including watermelon juice! 

At our very first breakfast, we ordered mimosas. You have the option to go with the traditional orange juice or to swap that for passion fruit juice. We stuck with the classic. The champagne to OJ ratio was perfect. 

The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia

Two of us ordered the poached eggs on avocado toast. We were thrilled to discover that order also comes with a hash brown on the side. 

The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia

My first impression of this dish was that the portion was small and it lacked seasoning. I wound up shaking a decent amount of pepper over mine.

I was expecting larger pieces of toast and a more generous portion of avocado. That said, the tomato slices were grilled, which added a nice flavor, and the eggs were poached expertly. 

The other two girls decided to make their own omelettes. The first with cheddar cheese, tomato, avocado. and onions. 

The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia

After a few bites, she shared, "There aren't a lot of goodies in here. It feels like they were pretty stingy, especially with the avocado. I was also expecting the onions to be cooked, but they're raw. I wouldn't have asked for onions if I knew that's how they were being tossed in." 

The other friend ordered her omelette with smoked salmon and spinach. She commented, "There is a very generous amount of salmon in here, but it's not smoked. I was really hoping for that smoky flavor." 

The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia

We ate breakfast at The Terrace four times during our stay. We tried many things on the menu including the pancakes, waffles, tofu scramble, and oatmeal. 

The omelettes did get better - more consistency of ingredients and better preparation.

The hash browns were the undisputed star of every meal. We loved having them on the side of our egg dishes, and on the final morning, one of the girls asked if she could have her eggs benedict over hash browns instead of the English muffin and they said yes! 

After sampling nearly everything on the menu, our top recommendations are:

  • The avocado toast (just be prepared to put salt and pepper on it) 
  • The eggs in Creole sauce 
  • The huevos rancheros (shockingly great!) 

And don't sleep on that hash brown modification to the eggs benny! 

I would also like to say that the service at The Terrace is some of the most attentive at the resort. We ate at four of the restaurants (more to come this week on that) and the team that works at The Terrace really pays attention to every table. They check in, they clear plates quickly, and they seem receptive to any menu modification you might hope to request. 

Before you leave to head for the beach or the pool, be sure to check out the library at the edge of The Terrace.

The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia The Terrace Sugar Beach St Lucia

My guess is that these are books past guests have left behind, but there were many great ones for the taking! 

*All photography by Molly Galler. 


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