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Happy Friday, friends! The Selling Sunset reunion dropped today and I can't wait to watch tonight. It's hosted by Tan France! Season two of The Wilds is also now live on Amazon Prime. What a day!

Before I get into this week's top recommendations, here are a few things coming up:

  • Tuesday, May 10 - Season six of Workin' Moms lands on Netflix. A friend got me into this show and I binged the first five seasons very quickly. 
  • Wednesday, May 11 - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills return to Bravo. This is one of my favorite cities in the franchise, so I'm excited.  
  • Friday, May 13 - Bling Empire is back on Netflix! The level of wealth on this show is jaw dropping. 
  • Wednesday, May 18 - Netflix's show Love on the Spectrum returns, this time shot here in the U.S. I think this show is incredible and I'm eager for season three. 

I have three suggestions to share this week, two series and one movie. 

1. Heartstopper (Netflix) - I found myself on a group text last week with two of my besties gushing about a new Netflix show called Heartstopper. It is based on the graphic novel series by Alice Oseman. Oseman is the TV show's creator and lead writer. 

This is the story of Charlie and Nick, two high school students falling for each other. Charlie is gay and out, while Nick is having feelings for a boy for the first time. 


The actors playing Charlie and Nick, Joe Locke and Kit Connor, are cast perfectly. As Charlie, Locke is shy and introverted at school, but behind closed doors he's a master video gamer, a passionate drummer, and an affectionate partner. As Nick, Connor is a classic popular kid - at the center of a powerful friend group, super athletic, and admired from afar by many of his classmates. Their budding relationship is such an honest portrayal of young love. 

As an added bonus, Olivia Colman was cast as Nick's mother, and though she doesn't get much screen time, her presence adds a comfort and warmth. 

Given the origins of this story as a graphic novel, it made total sense that Oseman kept those animated touches in the TV adaptation. When Nick goes to hold Charlie's hand, lightning bolts shoot out, or when Charlie looks longingly at Nick, flowers flutter around his head. 

The final episode, which centers around Nick and Charlie's day at the beach, is beautiful. Everyone I know who has watched it has cried. 

There are eight episodes, and each one would end in such a way that I felt the urge to hit "play next" immediately. I guarantee you will be moved by this series, and I'd bet you'll like it so much you'll want to order the books. 

2. Through My Window (Netflix) - I have become a very big fan of the romance genre for books, TV and movies. Through My Window is a steamy romance about two high school seniors. It's shot in Spanish, so you'll likely want to watch with subtitles. 

Raquel and Ares are next door neighbors. Raquel has admired Ares from afar for years, but they only start talking when he starts jumping out of his bedroom window to steal her wi-fi. The two bedroom windows facing each other was giving me major Love & Basketball vibes. 

This is a definite "enemies to lovers" trope, but a great one. Their interactions begin as fighting over wi-fi and a hacked laptop, and quickly become clandestine make out sessions. 

Through My Window

Ares is part of a prominent family, and when his father gets word of this relationship, he does everything he can to shut it down. 

Like many other romance movies and shows filmed in Spain, there's a lot of nudity in this. I wouldn't recommend watching it on say, an airplane. 

If you like the After series, I promise you will like this too. 

3. The Flight Attendant (HBO) - Kaley Cuoco is back as Cassie, in the second season of The Flight Attendant. I wasn't sure where things would pick up after the season one finale, but five episodes in, they're doing a great job. 

Cassie is living in Los Angeles and she's one year sober. She's going to AA meetings, she has a great new boyfriend, she lives in a beautiful house and everything seems to be going according to plan. That is until she's on a work trip and witnesses something she wasn't supposed to. 

The Flight Attendant

Cassie reunites with her bestie, Annie (played by Zosia Mamet), and together they try to super sleuth their way to a suspect. 

This show has always had great energy and pacing. I think that's what keeps it interesting. You always feel on the edge of your seat. 

There will be eight episodes total this season. I'm giddy to watch the final three. 

There you have it! This week's picks. Happy streaming! 

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