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I flew down to Miami, FL at the end of March to visit my family and one of the things on my must-do list was a visit to Books & Books. It's one of my favorite independent book stores and I go out of my way to support them over Amazon. 

I walked in with a short list of titles, including Rebecca Serle's In Five Years. It kept getting recommended to me by fellow bookworm friends, so I moved it to the top of my queue. 

In Five Years

It's a work of fiction, centered around a woman named Dannie. She lives in New York City, is engaged to her partner of many years, and just landed her dream job. So what's the problem? She had a very steamy dream about a man (not her fiancé) and she can't stop thinking about it. 

In the dream, her life was five years in the future. Everything seemed so real that she couldn't shake it. She continued to think about it and even decided to make a therapy appointment to find out why she was so fixated. 

When the man from the dream enters her life in the present day, things start to get very interesting. 

I don't want to give away too much, but I will say that the first 50-60 pages of this book had me completely hooked. As Dannie's frenetic energy increased about this mystery man, my pulse quickened too. 

I will warn you that there is a side story about Dannie's best friend Bella being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. If topics around sickness or terminal illness are triggering for you, you may want to skip this one. 

After I finished reading, I did some research on the author. Serle's YA book series Famous in Love was adapted for television. There are two seasons, both available on Freeform. 

Now that I've finished this, I've moved on to Emily Henry's People We Meet on Vacation. More to come once I reach the final page! 


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