Sugar Fix: Cirque du Soufflé

Launching your own business is a daunting task, but doing it during a global pandemic? That takes grit.

Today I'd like to introduce you to the founder of Cirque du Soufflé, T Lawrence-Simon. T is a dear friend and a multi-talented human. He is an aerial circus performer and Senior Coach at Esh Circus Arts in Somerville, MA, as well as a dessert and pastry chef.

Perhaps you've seen his gorgeous face on the TV show Great Chocolate Showdown.

Chef T

Yes, he did manage to make a stunning opera cake out of Cheez-Its. 

In his own words, "Cirque du Soufflé combines my love for the creative and daring aspects of circus performance with the precision and delicious capabilities of desserts." Sign. Me. Up. 

T has been building Cirque du Soufflé behind the scenes for nearly a year, and today you can place an order for one of four his spectacular chocolate bars. Let me introduce you to these beauties one by one. 

Chai a Little Tenderness - This bar is a blend of dark chocolate (70%) and milk chocolate (30%) richly filled with chai spices. This recipe is heavy on cardamom, so if that's not your jam, keep reading. 

Chef T Chai

Yuzu Krunch - If you love milk chocolate, this bar blends yuzu with crisped rice for, as T would say, "a satisfying crunchy chomp." If you love the Ferrero Crunch bar (hello, Halloween minis) you will also devour this. 

Chef T Yuzu

Good Ol' Shirley Temps - For some reason I cannot say the name of this bar without transitioning into a Southern accent. It makes me feel like wearing a ball gown and sipping a cocktail in Charleston or New Orleans. This bar is pure dark chocolate with candied ginger and cherries mixed in. As the name suggests, it's like a candy version of the classic Shirley Temple. 

Chef T Shirley Temps

Blazes of Glory - This bar is an extra special one. It is named for a little girl with a big place in T's heart. He explains, "This bar is in honor of a kiddo in my life that is a symbol of love, resilience, courage, grief, more love, smiles to infinity, support, wonder, art." Who wouldn't be absolutely tickled to have a candy bar named after them? 

This treat is a blend of milk and dark chocolates with cayenne, (hey-o!) and roasted hazelnuts. I love everything about this. 

Chef T Blazes of Glory

I know so many of us are planning to shop small this holiday season, intentionally supporting independent and local businesses. If you have a chocolate lover in your life, please consider sending them a gift from Cirque du Soufflé. 

Each chocolate bar is $9 dollars. They ship to anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Chef T All Four Bars

The bars are made to order in big batches. You can pre-order now. Shipping begins December 1, 2020. 

To be the first to know about future creations, follow T on Instagram, @hoopartist

*Top image courtesy of Great Chocolate Showdown. All other images courtesy of Cirque du Soufflé. 


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