Dining Out: Sam a.m.

On my first morning in Jersey City, NJ we woke up and strolled over to the Light Rail. We took the above ground train two stops to the neighborhood of Paulus Hook. It reminded me so much of Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill in Brooklyn with its wide sidewalks, tree-line streets and beautiful brownstones. 

We were headed to Sam a.m., a local favorite for breakfast. As we walked up, I couldn't get over how cute it was! 

Sam a.m. Jersey CitySam a.m. Jersey City

There are only a few tables inside, maybe ten at most, so there was a short wait.

Sam a.m. Jersey City

Much like my favorite breakfast place in Watertown, Sofra, it seemed that many locals were popping in to grab takeout. 

Our name was called and we were taken to an adorable table decorated with a vase of fresh flowers. I was eager to check out the menu. 

Sam a.m. Jersey CitySam a.m. Jersey City

I don't drink coffee, so I was very excited to see they had a variety of non-coffee drinks, from ice teas to freshly squeezed juices. I decided on the basil lemonade. 

Sam a.m. Jersey City

It was a humid morning and our walk had left me parched. I had to stop myself from gulping this down. 

Sam a.m. Jersey City

The drink was very refreshing and I couldn't help but think how delicious it would taste frozen as a popsicle. 

To start, we decided to share a berry scone. I had my eye on the chocolate donut or the sticky bun, but my brunch date would not be deterred. 

Sam a.m. Jersey City

I always worry that a scone will be dry, but this was actually baked perfectly. My friend commented, "I love this so much I don't know if I even need anything else!" 

For the main course, she went with a fried egg and cheddar cheese on ciabatta bread. 

Sam a.m. Jersey City

After she had enjoyed the first half, I asked for her thoughts. She said, "This is a classic breakfast sandwich, with the twist of being pressed like a panini." 

I chose the avocado toast (basic, I know). The toast was a super tasty, hearty, seeded bread. It was topped with a generous amount of mashed avocado, a sprinkling of micro greens and a dash of crushed red pepper. There were two sunny side up eggs on the side, which I promptly air lifted onto the toast. 

Sam a.m. Jersey City

This was mega yummy and I'd order it again in a second (though I'd ask for an additional shake of crushed red pepper, I wished it had more kick). 

Unfortunately, as soon as our plates were cleared, we really felt like they were rushing us out. I get it, because the space is small and they need to turn tables quickly, but it was a bummer that they were doing it so blatantly. 

As we emerged back out onto the sidewalk, we realized that our clothes smelled like bacon. Too bad Scout wasn't with me, he would have been sniffing me up and down searching for the meat! 

We walked back to my friend's neighborhood along the boardwalk, which is absolutely gorgeous. The only thing better than being in Manhattan and is having a view of the whole island from the other side of the river. 


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