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Sunday brunch is my favorite meal of the week. When we were planning our trip to Palm Springs, I was excited we'd be in town on a Sunday, since the local restaurant scene is so fabulous.

We had two contenders for that coveted Sunday morning spot, Cheeky's and Jake's. In the end, we decided to do Cheeky's on our very first morning in town, bumping Jake's into the number one position for Sunday. 

Cheeky's and Jake's are actually just a few doors down from each other, and both are extremely popular. It reminded me of the ongoing Somerville, MA brunch battle between Sound Bites and Ball Square Cafe. 

Jake's Palm SpringsJake's Palm Springs

One reason locals and visitors love to share meals at Jake's is because they have ample outdoor seating. Just beyond the hostess stand is a patio with about ten tables and a bar at the rear. 

Jake's Palm Springs

We were seated on the front patio, right on the sidewalk. This is a prime spot for people watching. 

Jake's Palm Springs

Like we had experienced at a few other places, Jake's had misters to help keep you cool in the blistering desert heat. 

The brunch menu is extensive, including an entire section devoted to Bloody Mary renditions. I was a very happy camper! 

Jake's Palm SpringsJake's Palm Springs

We quickly placed orders for cocktails, raising our glasses to a wonderful girls trip. 

Jake's Palm Springs

This was an excellent Bloody Mary. It had just the right amount of kick. The ladies sipping mimosas said their drinks were super refreshing. 

Our food arrived quickly and we couldn't wait to dig in. To my left, a friend had chosen the crab cake benedict.

Jake's Palm SpringsJake's Palm Springs

After two bites she raved, "This is one of the best crab cake benedicts I have had, and I order this dish regularly. This is real crab, not overly breaded, not greasy, it is perfectly crunchy." Her only gripe was that the fruit on the side tasted old. 

Across the table, two friends ordered the egg sandwich. They were both attracted to the menu description, which promised goat cheese. When the sandwiches came around the corner, all five of us were stunned by how high they were stacked. 

Jake's Palm Springs

Each sandwich had three eggs, bacon, goat cheese, tomato and avocado, all piled high on a brioche bun. 

As they each lifted one half of the sandwich, it immediately became clear it was going to be hard to take a bite. 

When I asked how they were enjoying it, the dish got mixed reviews, "The brioche is light, flaky and buttery and the goat cheese is revelation, but without the goat cheese, this would feel like an oversized omelet in a bun." 

A few of the gals also shared a side of pesto bacon, mostly out of curiosity. While they all agreed the bacon was expertly cooked, no one could really taste the pesto flavor. 

Jake's Palm SpringsJake's Palm Springs

Next to me, our birthday girl was cutting into the Mexican omelet. Though it looked super yummy to me, she shared, "This really isn't anything to write home about. I added hot sauce, which it desperately needed. I wish it had a chipotle mayo, or something to give it a little heat. I also wish the potatoes on the side had been smashed. Because they were whole potatoes, they just weren't as crispy." 

Jake's Palm Springs

Though I was originally intrigued by the caprese frittata, I ultimately went with the avocado toast (I know, I know). It was a slice of nine grain bread, topped with avocado, two sunny side up eggs, radish, daikon sprouts, queso fresco and sour cream. 

Jake's Palm SpringsJake's Palm Springs

I was very into this dish. The bread was toasted to a delightful level of crunch, the eggs were cooked beautifully, the cotija cheese made it feel extra decadent and I always love a radish garnish. My only complaint was I wish there had been two pieces of toast! 

As we were getting ready to leave, I ducked inside the restaurant to use the ladies room. Jake's is named after a Westie pup and his photos are on the wall in the bathroom. 

Jake's Palm SpringsJake's Palm SpringsJake's Palm Springs

As I walked back to our table, I passed the dessert case and my eyes nearly bugged right out of my head. There was a German chocolate cake that looked so incredible I had to restrain myself from pressing my face to the glass. The next time I'm in Palm Springs, I will becoming back for a slice of that cake. 

If you've been to Palm Springs, tell me - are you Team Jake's or Team Cheeky's? 


Stephanie Blackburn's picture

Team Cheeky's all the way. Because tots and gf waffles. Heyo!

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