Movie Musings: Life Of The Party

Sometimes you just need to laugh. I'm not talking about a chuckle after a clever quip or a single "ha!" after some witty banter. I am talking, laugh so hard you can barely breathe and you're wiping tears from your eyes. That all-consuming laughter is what you can expect from Life of the Party, starring Melissa McCarthy. 

The premise of the movie is that after being dumped by her husband of over 20 years, Deanna (McCarthy) returns to college to finish her degree. The only problem? Her daughter is at the same university and has just started her senior year. 

Life of the Party

Deanna moves into a dorm, has a fantastically creepy roommate and is immediately picked on by the mean girls in her archeology class. Sidebar: since when do those girls take archeology? 

The lighthearted moments come in many forms, but most adorably with her love interest, Jack, played by Luke Benward. Jack desperately wants to impress Deanna, a power dynamic she hasn't ever experienced before. 

Life of the Party

My favorite moment of the entire film is when Deanna, her daughter and their (now mutual) friends dress up for an 80s theme party. They enter the frat house looking like something straight out of a John Hughes prom scene and then Deanna proceeds to absolutely dominate the dance floor. Fun fact: the dance scene was choreographed by Twitch! 

There's also an incredibly hilarious scene where Deanna and her college friends crash her ex-husband's wedding. His new wife is played by Julie Bowen, who is downright evil in this role. 

This movie is one hour and forty five minutes of pure fun. You'll laugh, you'll cheer and you'll want to watch it again right away. 

Now I am counting down to the Ocean's 8 premiere! 

*Image sources: New Times and PopSugar


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