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Last year I discovered a show on Netflix called Lovesick (revisit my review of seasons one and two here). I was immediately smitten. The show is written and directed by Tom Edge, who is also a writer and producer for The Crown

The premise of the first two seasons is that the main character, Dylan, has chlamydia and he's tracking down all the women he's slept with to try and inform the right one. Each episode is named for one of his trysts. In the season two finale, we learn there might be hope for Dylan and his best friend, Evie, which left me on pin and needles (and dying for a third season!). 


In season three, Lovesick starts to feel like a British take on FRIENDS. Dylan and Evie are navigating their new relationship, as Ross and Rachel did. Luke, Dylan's roommate and the resident lothario, is chasing skirts, as Joey did, and their oddball friend Angus feels like a male take on Phoebe. I make this comparison as the most sincere compliment. There's a reason FRIENDS was on for 10 years! 

I was a bit worried without the original storyline (hunting down each former lover) the show would lose its addictive quality, but this new phase for the Lovesick gang is actually a welcomed one. Anyone who has transitioned from friend to romantic partner knows how awkward that can be. There are a lot of endearing moments as Dylan and Evie get to know each other in this new way. We also see a more sensitive side of playboy Luke, when he finally meets his match. 

Season three has eight episodes, each 30 minutes long. You can easily watch the entire season is one afternoon (too easily). I did just that and found myself in need of another show. I watched season one of Fleabag on Amazon, which I hated, and then season one of Tell Me You Love Me (a HBO show from 2007), which I also hated. Turns out not all shows about love and relationships are as entertaining as Lovesick. 

What are you watching? Anything I should add to my list? 

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