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My favorite place to go when I visit my parents in Miami, FL is the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. There is something so serene about the wide open, green spaces, the way the ponds shimmer in the sun and the bright colors of all the flowers and plants. As if I needed another reason to love Fairchild, each year they host a Chocolate Festival. I went two years ago with my mom and that was the very first time I was introduced to the Brazilian brigadeiro. 

A brigadeiro is a very rich, sweet treat that tastes like the love child of a truffle and a piece of fudge. This confection gets its name from the Brazilian politician and Air Force Brigadier, Eduardo Gomes, who ran for president of Brazil in 1946 and sold the truffles to raise money for his campaign.

The first one I ever tasted looked just like this, coated in chocolate sprinkles.


Thankfully, now I don't have to travel all the way to Miami to enjoy brigadeiros because Boston finally has its own brigadeiro boutique! Meet LaDoceLaDoceLaDoce was founded by Laura and Bruno Alves, who moved to Newton, MA with their four children in June 2015. Laura, born and raised in Brazil, began making brigaderios for her children's events at school (lucky kids!). 


Currently, LaDoce treats are made to order in Westborough, MA. Each confection is filled with 100 percent cacao, organic condensed milk and organic butter. You can order one of five flavors: milk chocolate with sprinkles, dark chocolate with cocoa nibs, dark chocolate with slice almonds, pistachio with shredded pistachios and coconut with shredded coconut. Are you drooling? 


LaDoce treats are packed with nothing but the real thing. Every single brigadeiro contains real chocolate, real nuts and is gluten-free, preservative-free and made without any artificial colors or flavorings. 


If you'd like to try this Brazilian delicacy, you can order online or have it hand delivered in Boston. LaDoce offers next-day delivery for orders placed by 11:00am the previous day. 

Personally, I think brigadeiros make a beautiful birthday gift or hostess gift. I can't wait to get my hands on the coconut!

*All images courtesy of LaDoce. 


Stephanie Blackburn's picture

You had me at chocolate.

Molly's picture

These are dangerously good.

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I'm not familiar with brigadeiro, I'll have to give it a try, maybe satisfy my sweet tooth that has been getting outta control lately. lol...


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