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As soon as I made the decision to travel to Chicago, I knew I had to see Wrigley Field. Growing up in Boston, we're pretty spoiled getting to watch our home team play in the oldest ball park in America (Fenway opened in 1912). Chicago natives feel that same pride, as Wrigley Field was the second of the nation's ball parks, opening its doors in 1914. 

I planned my trip so that I would arrive Thursday night and could take the day off of work on Friday so that we could attend the day game. The Cubs would be taking on the Pittsburgh Pirates at 1:20pm. 

After a delicious brunch at Summer House Santa Monica in Lincoln Park, we hopped on the L to make our way to Wrigley. Just like the green line on Red Sox game days, when the L pulled up to our stop everyone was wearing Cubs jerseys and hats. It was fun to be part of that pre-game energy in another city. 

We got off at the Addison stop and poured into the street with the rest of the Cubs fans. One of the coolest things I noticed was that several of the bars on the streets that surround Wrigley Field have roof tops that can see straight into the park. If you are lucky enough to score a seat or a table on one those roof decks, you can watch the entire game, just as if you were in the bleachers! 

We had tickets in the bleacher section so we entered through Gate 10. 

Wrigley Field

That day Budweiser was giving away free Ferris Bueller themed t-shirts that said "Save Ferris" across the chest. My first trip to Wrigley and free stuff? Don't mind if I do! 

We made our way up the stairs to the bleachers and the coolest thing about that section is that you can pick your own seats. If you have tickets in the bleachers, it is first come, first serve. So basically, you can sit as close as you want as long as you arrive early. 

The view from our seats was pretty spectacular. We could see the entire park and there wasn't in a cloud in the sky. 

Wrigley Field

We had a prime view as they announced the starting line up. Infielder Addison Russell picked Salt-N-Pepa "Shoop" as the song that plays every time he steps up to bat. I found it hilarious every single time. 

Wrigley FieldWrigley FieldWrigley Field

As the game went on our section got rowdier and rowdier. As they say, when you sit in the bleachers you sit with the true fans. Or maybe just the drunkest.

Wrigley FieldWrigley Field

For the 7th inning stretch the entire ball park sings along to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." It was no "Sweet Caroline" but still a fun experience to see people of all ages singing that song we all know from childhood. 

Wrigley Field

Since we entered the ball park from the rear side, I hadn't yet had a chance to see the iconic, red Wrigley Field sign. With the Cubs winning by 6 runs, we decided to sneak out at the bottom of the 8th inning to see the sign before the game ended and the entire ball park spilled out onto the streets. 

Wrigley Field

After a few snaps we headed toward the L, wanting to escape the mass exodus that was sure to be just a few minutes away. On our walk to the train I noticed some construction right next to the park. Apparently they are going to build a commercial area with shops and restaurants, just like Patriot Place, right next to Wrigley. 

I am psyched to be able to cross a Cubs game at Wrigley Field off my bucket list! 


Stephanie Blackburn's picture

So glad you had perfect weather to enjoy the game!!

Molly's picture

We really did. Not a cloud in the sky!

meghan malloy's picture

Such a fun day! I love Chicago.

Molly's picture

It was my first time there and I totally get why people love it. I'm already looking forward to going back and doing more.

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