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I used to think that Mindy Kaling was my spirit animal, but after reading "The Andy Cohen Diaries" I think there might be a new contender.

You may remember that back in January I read Andy's first book "Most Talkative" (you can re-read that review here). That book was focused on Andy's college years and his rise to fame in journalism and television production. There were personal stories sprinkled in, of course, but nothing like this second book.

"The Andy Cohen Diaries" is quite literally a diary. Andy shares his daily log from September 8, 2013 - September 1, 2014.

After reading about his adventures for a full twelve months, I have made several observations:

- Andy spends more time on the phone with the cast members of "The Real Housewives" franchises (and their pathetic, coat tail-riding husbands) than he does on the quality of the show itself.
- His inner circle has way more star power than you may realize. On a weekly basis he spends time with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, Anderson Cooper, Jimmy Fallon and Jerry Seinfeld. He also texts with Madonna and Cher. No big deal.
- He spends a tremendous amount of time on planes and really hates chipper flight attendants.
- He's a pot head.
- Sadly, he can often be shallow (as the sub-title of the book suggests). For example, when he complains about having recommended his massage guy to too many friends and now he can't get his regular appointments (two hours at a time, may I add) or when he finds meeting with his architect exhausting (the architect is combining two West Village apartments into one).

Though I can't relate to any of the above mentioned characteristics, I did find myself identifying with Andy in  more ways than I ever would have expected. So much so that I am considering bumping Mindy out of the number one spot.

The Molly/Andy similarities:

1) We both recently rescued dogs

2) We both think that having a dog has made us more open to love

3) We have the exact same reaction to seeing a hot guy on the street, on a plane or at a restaurant, which is to immediately begin fantasizing about what our life would be like together. For example, on page 150, he writes:

"I think I need to date a fireman. They have to spend a few nights a week at the firehouse, which is perfect for me. I gotta do my show while he's fighting fires and I think the distance would be good for us, although of course I'd be worried all the time about my man. Maybe I would bake cookies for the guys in the station and tell them about Teresa. I for sure would get involved with the other Firehouse Spouses. I am completely ready to embrace a new community of people."

4) We both hope to meet our dream man at high holiday services in September. He describes on page 14:

"Today was Yom Kippur and I went to the gay temple and once again I did not find a boyfriend. Cruising the Jewish Boys during the long service is certainly a wonderful diversion but I wonder if it is what the Lord would've wanted on the holiest day of the year. Like maybe it's contradictory to repenting?"

5) We both have opinionated Jewish mothers

Adding to the soulmate factor, I started reading this book two weeks before I found Scout. Reading about the process Andy went through to adopt his dog, and then how he was adapting his life to make room for the pup, made me feel like if he can do it, I can do it.

In fact, one week into reading the book on the commute, I met a friend for dinner at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse in Brookline and of all the branded pint glasses in the whole bar, they gave me this one.

Is that not a sign? I drank out of this glass exactly one week before I got Scout!

Clearly I loved "The Andy Cohen Diaries." It may have even been a good luck charm in my dog search.

If you enjoy watching Andy every night on Bravo, then you will love the glitz, glamour and gossip stuffed into this book.

Next, I am going to read Aziz Ansari's "Modern Romance." I'm hoping for a good laugh.

What are you reading?


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