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Growing up, I didn't have many opportunities to enjoy the boating life. To say my parents are anti-boats would be a grave understatement. It seems every time we tried to have a fun, relaxing adventure on the water, a calamity would ensue. Most notably, when I was in elementary school, we went out on a boat in Squam Lake in New Hampshire and the engine died right in the middle of the lake. My dad was wearing a red baseball cap, which he waved vigorously until someone saw us and came with help. Anytime someone offers to take my parents out on a boat, they tell the Squam Lake story.

I, on the other hand, love boats. When I first graduated from college I made friends with a guy whose parents had an amazing place on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. We used to take their boat out all day, dropping anchor to jump off and swim. I freaking loved it.

A few years ago, the parents of one of my best childhood friends bought a second home on Wadleigh Pond in Lyman, Maine. Now I spend at least one weekend a summer cruising around on their pontoon boat.

While I have loved my adult boating adventures, both of those locations are a pretty solid drive from Boston. Last week I was able to have an amazing waterfront cruise, right here in Beantown, thanks to Karma Crew Yacht Charters.

Docked in the East Boston Shipyard Marina, Karma Crew Yacht Charters offers a multitude of cruise options for Bostonians. To get to the shipyard, you can take the Blue Line to the Maverick stop (and then walk about 10 minutes) or you can park on Marginal Street, which is the long street along the water.

When we arrived, I was struck by all the cool artwork in the marina from HarborArts. This piece at the entrance was a bit like if the The Little Mermaid owned a tattoo shop.

This dark brown metal fish welcomes you to the pier.

Though the night we went it was a bit overcast and cloudy, the beauty of the marina was still undeniable.

We walked to the very end of the pier to find our vessel!

The name of the Karma Crew Yacht Charters' boat is Full Moon. It is a vintage motor yacht, built in 1948.

When we stepped aboard we were welcome by CEO Catherine Applegate, who had oysters waiting.

Catherine and her team provide catering from a variety of local Boston food spots, including their East Boston neighbor, KO Pies. On this particular evening, in addition to the oysters there was also a shrimp cocktail platter, an antipasto plate from Salumeria Italiana and cocktails courtesy of Gubba Rum.

Once the food situation had been surveyed, we started exploring the boat. My absolute favorite spot on the boat was the bridge (that's boat speak for where the captain steers/controls the boat).

It actually looked more like someone's sun porch!

Out the door of the bridge, you could shimmy to the bow of the boat, which the Karma Crew has decorated with two white wicker love seats and a ton of patio chairs lining each side. I could already picture my girlfriends laying out there in their bathing suits sipping champagne.

From the central deck (which is covered) you can see out the back of the boat and watch the American flag dance in the ocean breeze.

The bow of the boat is the most serene spot. It has a red and white striped cushion over a bench wide enough for three (maybe four) butts.

When you are sitting there, looking at the unobstructed views of the Seaport, Financial District, North End and Charlestown, you have not a care in the world.

In addition to all the great areas for gathering, the Full Moon is also decorated with all kinds of cute nautical touches.

We stayed on the boat until sunset. Unfortunately, because it was cloudy there wasn't really anything to see, but it was beautiful to watch the skyline go from day to night.

Even the walk down the pier back to the parking lot was gorgeous.

So I know you are wondering, how do you get on this boat? Well, there are several ways. If you're feeling fancy, you can plan a private charter. The boat holds up to 48 people. You can also attend one of Karma Crew Yacht Charters' weekly ticketed events like the G'Day Mate Coffee & Brunch Cruise on Saturday mornings, the Sip, Slurp & Sea Sunset Cruise on Sunday nights, the Oyster & Beer Cruise or the Wine Wednesday Cruise. You can find info on all those events right here.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that since the moment I learned Karma Crew Yacht Charters does private events, I've been trying to hatch a plan to throw a party on the Full Moon. Now if only I could come up with a legitimate occasion . . .

To learn everything you need to know to set sail with Karma Crew Yacht Charters, check out their website.

*Though my ticket aboard the Karma Crew Yacht Charter was complimentary, all opinions are 100 percent my own. 


An event you say? Aquatic "Foodie List" viewing party.

this is awesome! what a great spot to throw a party

It really is! I haven't explored East Boston at all, so it was very cool to see all that's emerging down there.

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