The Foodie List: Casting

You may remember a few weeks ago I shared a restaurant review of Vagabond in Miami, FL and I mentioned that dinner was to celebrate a special project I'd be working on. I have so been looking forward to sharing this news with you and now, without further ado . . .

 . . . I am going to be on TV! 

Yes, it's true! My face is going to be broadcast across Canada, Europe and Asia as a cast member of a brand new show called "The Foodie List."

"The Foodie List" was green-lit by a production company based out of Montreal, Canada. This will be the show's first season. There will be 13 episodes total and each episode will focus on one city.

The set up is that every new episode, four food experts take viewers around their home city to show off the best of the food scene. The show features 11 international cities - places like Helsinki, Tel Aviv and Vienna - and two U.S. cities - Boston, MA and Austin, TX.

So how did this all come about?

Well, one day I was minding my own business when I got an email from the show's casting person. I thought it was a complete scam. To test the waters, I asked her if she'd like to connect by phone.

To my surprise, she happily agreed and within in the next hour I had watched the pilot episode and agreed to proceed with the casting process.

Once I confirmed I wanted to move forward with the process, I was asked to create a two minute video introducing myself, sharing a bit about my blog and talking about why I love Boston. It's no secret that I really prefer to be behind the camera, not in front of it, so of course I was nervous.

Since I knew I could only talk for two minutes, I scripted what I wanted to say and I practiced it about 300 times. Then I set up my laptop in my dining room and went for it!

I recorded about eight different versions before I couldn't stand watching myself anymore. Here is the audition video I submitted:

You can tell I am nervous because I was talking so fast! Also, I wish I knew enough about video editing to cut off that awkward bit at the end where I shut the camera off, but oh well.

So with total trepidation, I emailed the video to the casting woman and held my breath.

I didn't hear a peep for three full weeks. I was positive they had gone with someone else and any minute I'd see photos on social media of other Boston foodies have a blast taping the show.

Then, one random morning, I was on the T into work when I got an email notification. I opened my blog's email account on my phone and it read:

"Hi! I'm writing to you because you've been selected to be part of 'The Foodie List - Boston.'"

My heart leapt out of my chest! I was so sure I didn't make the cut and it turned out, they just hadn't made their selections yet.

That same email also included the names of the three other Boston food experts I'd be filming with. To my surprise and sheer delight, all three people are bloggers I already know and love! My castmates would be:

- Bianca Garcia, Confessions Of A Chocoholic
- Dan Whalen, The Food In My Beard
- Fiona Coxe, A Boston Food Diary

I was absolutely elated! The four of us immediately began exchanging emails and sharing our excitement. Here is one of my favorite pictures of all of us:

For the next few days I am going to be sharing the whole filming experience with you - hair and makeup, wardrobe, locations, food and behind-the-scenes details. If you want a sneak peek, search Instagram with the hashtags #TheFoodieList or #TheFoodieListBoston. You can see photos of our shoot, plus all of the other cities.

More to come!


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