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Now that the Super Bowl is over (Go, Patriots!), we can focus on what the month of February is really about, Valentine's Day.

Last year, the week before Valentine's Day, I went to the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) for their first annual Local Love Market (you can read all about that here). At the market, I met so many talented local artists, but there was one person in particular who I knew immediately was a kindred spirit. That person is Julie Mancini, founder and designer at Posh + Prep.

Julie slayed me with her Valentine cards that said things like, "Stalker is a harsh word. I prefer Valentine" or "I like you more than Kanye likes Kanye."

After that very first meeting, I emailed Julie and said how much I enjoyed meeting her and that I was determined for us to find a way to collaborate.

While on my girls trip to Puerto Rico this New Years, I thought a lot about being single and how I was going to combat those "Where is my dream man?" feelings. I decided I would fight off those panicked thoughts by celebrating my singledom and helping other girls to do the same. Then I had a lightbulb moment. What if Julie and I worked together to show single ladies the best cards to send for Valentine's Day? Boom. That's how this post was born.

With Julie on board, it was a just a few days until a box arrived on my doorstep. Of course Julie addresses every package beautifully. Even the zip code looks glamorous!

Inside, Julie had stuffed the box with all kind of single girl Valentine goodies.

The first card I picked up had a delicate, light pink XOXO on the front of a classic brown envelope.

When I turned it over, Julie had sealed it with pink and white striped tape. Naturally.

I squealed with glee when I saw the card was actually addressed to me, not just a sample card!

As always, Julie factors in every detail. Not only did she write a sweet note, it was in gorgeous font (several fonts actually) and in written in white ink, a perfect compliment to the royal purple paper.

Amongst the stack of cards, was a Valentine that reads, "Buy me pizza and tell me you love me." Ha! This card was just featured on BuzzFeed's list of the 31 Perfect Valentines for Unromantic People.

These next two are my personal favorites. Below you have conversation hearts with the names of the "Game of Thrones" characters.

And this one is all "The Real Housewives." I die. Too perfect.

If you are looking for a card with the classic V-day pink, Julie's plaid and confetti combo is sure to wow your favorite preppy friend.

In addition to cards, Julie also shared with me some other Posh + Prep goodies.

For starters, this notepad for keeping track of your grocery list. I hate to admit this, but I am so old school. I have to write down a list, with a pen, or I will come back from the store with ice cream and toilet paper only.

In a plastic sleeve, there was a third set of surprises, wrapped with a pink and white polka dot ribbon. Julie never overlooks an opportunity to add a thoughtful detail.

I'm obsessed with this decorative flag that says, "I am a great catch." Damn right!

Now let's move into some of Posh + Prep's larger pieces, items you might give a friend to put at their desk or hang on their wall.

This first one used to be a greeting card, but now also comes as a wall hanging. I gave the card to my boss and she flipped! For all you rap fans, this is a must.

I am already plotting where to hang this next one in my house. It proclaims, "Don't be like the rest of them, darling."

Lastly, J.Crew goddess Jenna Lyons once said, "As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral." Agree? Hang it proudly!

You can find all of these cards and posters in Julie's Etsy shop. If you see something here that isn't in the shop, just shoot her an email and she'll get back to your right away.

As I said before, Julie thinks of absolutely everything. Even her business cards are perfect!

This Valentine's Day, don't leave your single lady friends hanging. Drop them a fierce and fabulous card or a poster from Posh + Prep.


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