The Mindy Project: #ItsHappening

This week's "The Mindy Project" was the first new episode in three weeks. I know.

Two weeks ago, it got bumped for the State of the Union (I'll allow it), but last week it was a repeat with no explanation. Tuesday is the undisputed worst day of the week and without "The Mindy Project" to look forward to at the end of the work day, it becomes exponentially worse.

In last night's episode, titled "No More Mr. Noishe Guy," Danny travels to San Francisco to visit Mindy. In his suitcase he packs meat and produce, since he thinks New York offers superior grocery options. This was particularly hilarious as my grandmother used to travel from Minneapolis to Boston with steaks tucked into her checked luggage.

Soon after Danny heads back to New York, Dr. G invites Mindy to see an office space he's looking at and makes her an offer she can't refuse.

To talk about it with Danny, Mindy books a trip home. When they are in the car heading back from the airport, Danny asks, "What's with the surprise visit? I still haven't fixed the headboard from the last time."

While in town, Danny shows Mindy a brownstone he bought for them in Harlem. Let's pause here for a moment. We all know Danny wants to raise his family on Staten Island. So the fact that he bought a house just to make Mindy happy, is pretty huge.

The next morning at the office, Mindy walks in and shouts, "Hey, bitches! The bicoastal babe is back! #ItsHappening." Her return isn't met with any enthusiasm and she discovers they've put a treadmill in her office. Ouch.

Later that day, Mindy asks Peter to do her annual OBGYN exam and he decides to confide in her about something. Mindy assures him, "Your secret is safe-ish with me." Ha!

Fast forward to Peter deciding to move to Austin to follow Lauren and Mindy throwing him a going away party . . .  then Dr. G shows up to the party to convince Mindy to join the San Francisco practice. Danny is furious. Like, starts talking in a mob voice furious.

When the party is over, Mindy's in bed alone when Danny opens the door. That moment they shared, trying to decide what to do, was very real. There wasn't a hint of comedy, just a sincere roadblock for two people who really love each other.

In the final 30 seconds of the show, Peter calls Mindy from his cab to the airport and tells her that her lab results came back from the other day and she's pregnant.


Obsess with me here! Do you think she really is? Is Danny the father? If not him, who else could it be?

*Images courtesy of The Mindy Project Facebook page


the "safe-ish with me" line killed me

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