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Last week I was invited to attend a blogger Yankee Swap at the Cambridgeside Galleria. Rather than have each blogger bring a gift, the gifts for the swap were all provided by different stores in the mall. Yes, it was exactly as awesome as it sounds.

In addition to our swap gift, we were each given a very generous swag bag. One of the gift items was a free pair of panties from a new store in the mall call Plammie Activewear. The free gift was only available that night, so we all walked over to the store together.

While browsing through wildly patterned underwear, I couldn't help but notice all the hilarious tank tops Plammie sells.

This one is by far my favorite and it reads, "I run because I really like cookies."

This one would make a fantastic gift for so many of my friends. It truthfully declares, "Run now. Wine later."

This electric yellow top confesses, "Will squat for peanut butter."

For all you paleo folks out there, you can rock this coral top that proudly shouts, "Eat clean. Train dirty."

All of these Plammie tops are available online or in-store for just $24.00.

Are you loving these as much as I am? Which top is your favorite?

*All images courtesy of Plammie Activewear.


OMG I NEED that cookie shirt for the gym!!! Or... just for around the house.

Right? I love all the expressions!

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I like these tops very much! I definitely should acquire a pair of them. The thing is that recently I've started attending the yoga classes and needed to have cozy sportswear for them. I've found awesome leggings on and now I'm looking for a top matching them. My success anywhere always depends on how I look, because my self-confidence depends on my appearance. Maybe it sounds ridiculous though I hope very sincere. Anyway thanks for this useful information.

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