Celebrate: Emmy Awards

For me, 2014 has been the year of the viewing party. I've hosted friends for the Super Bowl, the Golden Globes, the Oscars and as of Monday night, the Emmys.

For each party I host, I do my very best not to repeat a single item of decor. It's a little game I play against myself.

Since the Emmy Awards were on a Monday night this year (woof), I had to do way more preparation than usual. Typically I have all day Sunday to get ready before my friends come over around 6:00pm for the red carpet. This year, I started prepping Thursday night! I was away all weekend in Maine so I really only had a few hours here and there to get my ducks in a row.

For the Emmys, I knew I wanted to create a concession stand on the table in my entryway. I wasn't exactly sure how I'd execute this, but once I found these individual candy tubs at Party City, the vision became crystal clear.

With these personal candy buckets each guest could stock up, nosh on the couch and refill one last time before heading home. What could be better?

I went with four candy selections: Swedish Fish, M&Ms, Mike & Ikes and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

For each candy bowl I had a mini wooden scooper. I found these in an adorable shop in Wellfleet on Cape Cod. I couldn't resist the chevron pattern on the handles!

With the scoopers in each bowl, we were ready to go!

In the living room the name of the game was gold. I got these gold chargers last year and they add instant glam to any spread. Once my friends arrived the plates were quickly covered with veggies, chips and dip.

Lining the coffee table was a brand new set of coasters I was gifted from J.Crew. They are made of cork, but sparkle with gold polka dots and stripes.

In the dining room I made my own version of a red carpet. Though the table looks empty, this was before it got covered with all the fixings for a taco bar and later on, with the most beautiful fruit salad for dessert.

Anchoring the table was my candelabra from Pop & Circumstance. I bought this in February and I still love as much as I did the day I found it.

I was excited to debut a new set of glasses I ordered from C. Wonder. These chevron beauties were brought to my attention by Jessica of Bows & Sequins.

Though it's hard to see against the bright red table cloth, this pattern is a head turner in person.

I wanted to keep it simple for dinner with plastic plates and utensils and paper napkins. But just because they are disposable, doesn't mean you have to slum it! These lace napkins add an air of sophistication, even when you're eating off plastic.

Now for the best discovery! While grocery shopping last weekend I stumbled upon these individual bottles of Prosecco by Martini.

I decided to set them up on my favorite gold tray in front of my golden birthday sign (yes, it's been hanging for 11 months).

As each girl entered the party I greeted her with this question, "Care for your own mini bottle of champs?"

The best part? They are twist off!

With champagne in hand, plates full of tacos and tubs of movie candy, we settled in to mercilessly judge the celebs coming down the red carpet and flubbing their teleprompter lines on stage.

In case you missed it last night, you can check out my picks for Best Dressed here.

Do you have an awards show tradition? Who do you watch with?


You definitely know how to throw a party! Love all the little details.

Thank you, Megan! I have such a blast doing these.

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