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For the past few days I've been sharing with you tales from my trip to Savannah, GA for my sister's bachelorette party. As I mentioned in the earlier posts, my sister was adamant about not having the traditional, raucous bachelorette party. She wanted maximum relaxation and quality girl time.

To help make her wishes come true, my amazing cousin researched every spa in the city of Savannah. After reading countless reviews and making rounds and rounds of phone calls, she informed me, "We have to do the Savannah Day Spa. I am positive it's the best choice."

On the day of our appointments we had already eaten a gluttonous brunch at J. Christopher's and shopped for several hours (I scored a new pair of leather boots). We were ready for pampering!

The spa was very centrally located, making it easy to walk to from downtown or the park (Forsyth Park, that is).

To enter the spa you walk up a charming staircase and arrive on this adorable porch.

I love the sign on the door!

Inside the front door is the check in area, which is surprisingly huge.

As with every place in Savannah, the spa had an amazing chandelier.

I loved the saloon style doors that led back towards the treatment rooms.

I can honestly say I've never seen nail polish in a mantel display, but there's a first time for everything!

After checking in, we were each greeted by a staff person (all bubbly, all with southern accents) and shown to our treatment room. A few girls had hour long massages, a few manicures and pedicures and I opted for a hot stone massage.

My treatment was relaxing, but could have been more relaxing if my massage therapist hadn't been gabbing so much. Once she heard I was from out of town, she couldn't wait to tell me everything I should do around the city. While I was grateful for the sincere excitement, I would have been more grateful for total silence.

All of us who had massages had very good experiences, but the girls who had their nails and toes done were very disappointed.

If you do a girls getaway to Savannah and you're interested in a spa, I would definitely recommend Savannah Day Spa for massages. The staff was very kind to us, holding all our shopping bags while we enjoyed our blissful sessions and even calling us a taxi when we were ready to head back out.

Have you had a great spa experience recently?


Thanks for sharing this, Molly. Visiting the spa not only relaxes our body, but also our mind from all the stress we've accumulated. It somehow gives a break from the cynical process of the city life and provides refreshing experience. Good day! :)

Eva Pacheco

I'm glad you were all enthralled with the experience you got from the spa. I have to say, the place looks really lovely, and I can tell that their services are up to par with some of the most famous day spas around. I'm just glad you had a lovely time, Molly! You deserve it. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

Marshall Copeland @ Baja Medi Spa

Wow! That spa house is totally captivating! It is so enchanting, inside and outside. It seems that the people who manage it want to assure their customers of pure relaxation and comfort not only from their services, but also with the ambiance of the place. I'm sure you enjoyed every bit of the time you spent in there, and you deserve it. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

Shanell Custer @ Sage Health and Wellness Clinic

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