Dining Out: Myers + Chang

Myers + Chang is one of those Boston restaurants that everyone raves about. When you ask a local for a dinner recommendation, it's almost always at the top of the list.

The restaurant is co-owned by Christopher Myers and Joanne Chang. Read the "About" section on their website, it's adorable. You may also recognize Joanne's name from her Boston bakery empire, Flour.

Though it's tremendously popular, I hadn't made my first trip until very recently. One of my friends suggested we check out Myers + Chang's special called Cheap Date Night. On Mondays and Tuesdays from 5:00pm - 10:00pm they offer a five course prix fixe menu for $40 dollars a couple. Who could resist?

We decided to go on a Monday night and it was pouring rain. We took the green line from Government Center to Arlington and walked the rest of the way, drenched.

Myers + Chang is located at 1145 Washington Street, a few blocks from the restaurant row on Tremont Street in the South End.

I absolutely love the gold design on their front windows!

The window decorations continue for the entire length of the space. Though the windows are mostly covered, you can still people watch through the holes in the art work.

We were seated in the rear of the dining room which had a very warm and cozy vibe.

The signature gold lines from the front windows also grace the cover of the menu. The menu may look small, but it actually folds out into multiple pages of options.

The Cheap Date Night menu comes in many varieties. My friend was kind enough to go vegetarian for the evening, so we selected the veggie version of the prix fixe menu.

Before our food arrived, we decided to share a carafe of sangria which came in a very fun presentation. Both of our glasses were topped with a slice of pineapple for garnish.

The first course of our menu was a plate of pickled vegetables. I used to not like pickled veggies (too acidic), but over time I've come to appreciate the taste and enjoy it as a way to wake up your taste buds at the start of a meal.

We nibbled on our pickled veggies with a side of brown rice topped with fresh scallions.

Next up, arugula salad sprinkled with bright slices watermelon radish. How beautiful are the colors of this dish?

I was very much looking forward to the veggie spring rolls, a dish I order anytime I can. These had a crispy shell and were packed tightly was fresh vegetables.

Our main dish was noodles with bok choy and tofu. These noodles were super slippery and difficult even for those who have mastered the use of chopsticks. I had to hang my head in shame and ask for a fork.

We closed out the savory portion of the meal with thick slices of grilled sweet potato. I am a huge fan of sweet potato in every form and these were excellent. The char from the grill was a nice juxtaposition to the sweet taste of the potato.

Being that Joanne Chang is one of the most well respected pastry chefs in the country, let alone Boston, we knew we had to have one more round and order dessert.

My friend wanted a cup of coffee and was delivered an entire French press! So fancy.

The specialty dessert of the evening was coconut cream pie. I love coconut (particularly Almond Joys) so I was thrilled. The custard of the pie was so light and the crust and the toasted coconut on top added a crunch that gave it extra oomph.

I wish I could have taken a time lapse video to show you how quickly we made that disappear.

After years of wondering what the big deal was about Myers + Chang, I am happy to report that you can now add my name to the list of devotees. The Cheap Date Night menu is a really great deal that can't be beat, especially in the often pricey South End.

Have you done Cheap Date Night at Myers + Chang?


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