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As I mentioned on Wednesday, I recently spent a weekend in Falmouth on Cape Cod for a friend's bachelorette party. After a gluttonous breakfast, we headed to the spot where her soon-to-be husband proposed.

Normally when a friend gets engaged you receive the excited phone call, you get the full run down, which is typically followed by a text or email with a photo of the ring. I have never had the privilege of actually visiting the place where someone said "yes."

The proposal happened last summer at Quissett Harbor in Falmouth. Our caravan of girls arrived, parked and immediately started ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over the color of the water in the harbor. It looked like the Caribbean!

We walked along the clear blue water to a trail that leads to "the spot."

At one point, the trail opens up and it's all water on the right side. Holy gorgeous.

A few steps in I stopped walking and turned around to get the whole view. Look at this!

The trail eventually becomes a narrow path over the water and up to "the spot."

That day the sun was shining so brightly it made the water feels like a sea of glittering gemstones.

Once you reach the top of the trail, you have this view of the entire beach:

On the other side, you see nothing but water.

It's incredibly easy to see why this spot would inspire a proposal. Heck, any new guy I am even remotely interested in, I am going to bring him here and see what he does. I bet you I get a declaration of some kind. You can't help it! The place is just . . . moving.

Of course we made the bride sit in the exact spot and re-enact the entire thing.

After listening to her retell the tale, we all felt warm and fuzzy. And not just because the sun was in full glorious effect that day.

After this visit to Quissett Harbor, I am completely and totally in love.  My family has always been Outer Cape people. We do Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown. To us, anything else doesn't feel like "the real Cape."

Now that I've been to Quissett Harbor, I am totally hooked on Falmouth. I've been converted to a Lower Cape person!

It's fun to think that at this age I can rediscover parts of Massachusetts I thought I already knew.

Have you ever been to Quissett Harbor? Were you as enamored as I was?

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