Dining Out: Ceres Bakery

Last week I shared with you my incredible meal at Moxy in Portsmouth, NH. What I haven't had the chance to share yet is the rest of my Portsmouth adventure!

I spent the entire day last Sunday in Portsmouth, making my first stop at Ceres Bakery on Penhallow Street. The bakery was recommended by another foodie friend, so I was hoping to be wowed.

You can spot Ceres Bakery by its sky blue blue paint.

When we approached the front door I noticed a girl peering down on us . . .

Inside the bakery is warm and bright with lime green paint screaming "Hello!" from every wall.

The food and beverage choices are displayed with vibrant colors of chalk over the counter.

You can see all of the bakery items right there before your eyes, making it even easier to want absolutely everything.

The scones were gorgeous:

Look at this gooey blackberry brioche!

I love the heart shaped dough a top the Linzer torte: 

Ceres also makes their own flatbreads. The flavors of the day that Sunday were pesto and marinated tomato with goat cheese. Yum!

Saving the best for last, right next to the cash register were two platters, one with hot cross buns (not just a recorder tune!) and sticky buns.

Those sticky buns are outrageously tempting!

If you are looking for something to take home with you, Ceres also makes their own granola.

When you've ordered and are ready to pay, the view from the register lets you see right into the kitchen where the Ceres staff are hard at work making breads, pastries and cakes.

The main dining area at Ceres is across from the counter and looks out onto Penhallow Street through four large windows.

The tables are adorable with heart and flower patterns adding extra charm.

There are four pieces of stained glass, one above each window, and they each have one piece of the sentence, "Eat something, you'll feel better."

The whimsical touches are all over the bakery, including this magic wand hanging over the dining room.

There is also an oversized fork hanging above the to-go bar.

We were just in the mood for a nibble, so we each ordered one pastry and a hot drink - it was cold, dreary and rainy that day.

My friend decided on the cinnamon bun (not to be confused with the sticky bun). While licking her fingers, she said, "This is so delicious. It's everything you hope a cinnamon bun will be."

She also ordered a hot apple cider which came in the most stunning, cobalt blue, glass mug.

With her hands wrapped around the mug she shared, "This is just the right amount of sweet and I love that it's served so hot."

After spotting it before any other item on the counter, I went with my gut and ordered the blueberry scone.

The scone had a gorgeous color from the berries and it had a great texture from the oats in the batter.

I also requested a hot cocoa, which was sadly disappointing. I could have made a better cup from hot water and Swiss Miss.

Overall, our experience at Ceres Bakery was a fantastic one. I love the charm and whimsy of the space and was so impressed by their bakery offerings, which are all made in house. They also make incredible dessert cakes. If I lived locally, Ceres would be my go-to spot for birthday cakes.

First time visitors be forewarned, Ceres only takes cash or checks.

After our nosh at Ceres Bakery, we walked over to Gus & Ruby Letterpress where I am working on a top secret creative project. The owners of Gus & Ruby designed my cousin's save the date cards for her wedding a few years ago and I have been hooked on them ever since.

After Gus & Ruby we spent the next three hours shopping! We found so many great things we had to make two trips to the car during our expedition just to drop off bags. More to come on all those discoveries in a future post.

I will be returning to Portsmouth in April, any spots I should be sure to visit on my next trip?


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