Happy Golden Birthday Pop.Bop.Shop.

Today, January 4, 2013, my beloved blog turns 4 years old. Can you believe it? I can't!

I started this blog on January 4, 2009 as a new years resolution. I resolved to write regularly (something I was missing in my corporate job) and to share my best finds and honest opinions with you. Now, four years later, this blog is one of the most fun and fulfilling aspects of my life.

So how did we get here? Let's take a walk down memory lane:

And now here we are, at the 1,112th post celebrating Pop.Bop.Shop.'s golden birthday!

For those who don't know, Wikipedia (the source of all truth) defines a golden birthday as, "A person's Golden or Grand birthday, also referred to as their 'Lucky Birthday', 'Champagne Birthday' or 'Star Birthday', occurs when they turn the age of their birth day."

I feel there is only one proper way to toast to the golden birthday and that is with what else? Gold!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, in honor of Pop.Bop.Shop. turning 4 on the 4th, I am giving away four pieces of gold jewelry to you, my incredible readers! Without further a do, I give you the golden birthday gold!

Alexis Bittar Bangle From Folklorica
I have been shopping at Folklorica in Newton Centre for my entire life. First with my mom at what she called her "very most favorite store" and then as an adult looking for my own pieces. This year I was able to help Folklorica celebrate their 40th anniversary. Through those visits I got to know Don (owner) and Aileen (marketing manager) who I feel very lucky to call my friends.

Don and Aileen were incredibly generous and have provided this dazzling, gold Alexis Bittar bangle.

I have one Alexis bangle and just before Christmas I splurged at the Folklorica holiday sale and bought myself a ring. I adore his designs and think they add pizazz to any outfit.

GS Designs For Persona Jewelry Earrings From Persona Jewelry
I made my first trip to Persona Jewelry in the Hotel Commonwealth for their Catwalk for a Cure event back in September 2011. The store is so elegant and the pieces are displayed and curated like a museum. Over the years I've had the pleasure of getting to know Persona's creative director, Dustin, and he was kind enough to provide these vermeil earrings from their in store line, GS Designs for Persona Jewelry, for the birthday festivities.

These are the perfect mate for your little black dress.

Quartz + Pearl Bracelet From Wicked Peacock 
Becky and Silvana are the fashionistas behind the new online jewelry boutique Wicked Peacock. I met the girls just a few months ago in October and they gave me a tour of their new site. I had a blast sharing my favorite pieces with you and even walked away with a piece of my own.

My Wicked Peacock piece, the quartz + pearl bracelet, is the same one Becky and Silvana have provided for you! If you win this piece, we'll have the same bling!

This bracelet looks great on its own or stacked with additional pieces.

It plays well with others.

Gold Spike Necklace From CakeStyle
Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Cecelia and Kait of CakeStyle, a personal styling service for women that "makes style a piece of cake." Cute! The way it works is: you sign up online, you give your size and measurements and the CakeStyle team sends a box to your door of looks handpicked just for you. The box not only includes clothes, it also includes accessories like belts and jewelry. The best part? The CakeStylists (again, so cute!) send a video showing you all the ways you can style those pieces. Pretty amazing, right?

The CakeStylists selected this edgy necklace just for the Pop.Bop.Shop. readers.

I love this piece because it would look great with a white collared shirt or with a scoop neck or V neck dress.

In the "one for good luck" birthday tradition - surprise! - there is a fifth piece! 

Glass Pendant Necklace From Tamar Paley Designs
This last gold piece is a very special one to me because it was made by my cousin Tamar. Since she was a little girl Tamar has had undeniable artistic talent. She has experimented with countless mediums but has found her true passion in jewelry making.

This year she formally started Tamar Paley Jewelry Designs. I was able to see her in action at a holiday craft fair in Newton a few weeks ago and it was so fun to see strangers "Ooooo" and "Ahhhh" over her pieces.

From her beautiful collection I selected this pendant for the giveaway.

It's a gold chain with a glass pendant, accented by a cascade of beads. The pendant actually has two patterns, one on each side.

I love the rose pattern!

Now that you've seen the loot, here's how you enter to win: 

I named the blog Pop.Bop.Shop. to cover three topics I love - pop culture, exploring new places and shopping. Now it's your turn to add a fourth word.

To enter to win, leave a comment below with the one word you'd use to describe the blog and why you read it. Feel free to specify which gold piece you have your eye on.

In honor of the 4th birthday, this giveaway will stay open for four days. To be entered to win you must leave a comment by 11:59pm EST on Monday January 7, 2013.

Thank you for celebrating the golden birthday with me!


I tried for several minutes to find a word that would even minutely rhyme with the others, but no luck! My word choice is "Indulgence". From the food to the shopping to the travel, I think you capture how to spend your money in a way that makes everything feel like a treat. Even if that's just having a little froyo :) I'm torn between the Alexis Bittar bangle and Tamar's gorgeous pendant.
xoxo ~S

I thought just like Stephanie, but I came up with the word "Stop." For me, P.B.S. is my Stop for finding great restaurants in Boston or NYC when I'm entertaining guests from Paris. It's also where I stop to learn about great events that take place in the city yearly (hello South End Garden Tour!) and where I can be in-the-know on shows I don't actually watch, but that capture my colleagues' attentions.

Ok, if I'm lucky enough to win, I want the Alexis Bittar bangle, the edgy necklace from the Cakestylists or Tamar's pendant, in that order.

Again, Happy Birthday P.B.S! I hope you celebrate with a cupcake!

Fresh! HBD! & I'd love to win that Wicked Peacock piece!

"Sweet" pretty much sums up the travels, accessories, and desserts so often showcased here. And clearly I'm going to go with the Tamar Paley piece!

Charming. I always find your blog to be one of the more charming ones out there. I'm actually a Gossip Girl addict (or I guess, was a Gossip Girl addict) so I always got a tickle reading your reviews. Congratulations on the anniversary. How exciting!

"FROST" - in the glittery/blingy and also the desserty sense -- not the Boston winter sense ;)
And you know me - I'm a Bittar girl!

Honest. Thanks for being so real! The cakestyle necklace is honestly amazing.

Grub! Your fourth word should definitely be food-related :) I'd love to win the Alexis Bittar bangle. Happy golden blog birthday!

Eats or bites...something about food. I love reading your restaurant reviews! I'd love the bangle or the earrings most, but all are beautiful :) Happy blog birthday!

Happy Golden Birthday!! My word (while it doesn't rhyme, forgive me) would be Fabulous! It's the first adjective that springs to mind. I look forward to reading your reviews, and your blog is the first place I go when looking for a new place to try!
My favorite bling are: the Persona earrings and the Alexis Bittar Bangle

Oooh, I'm loving the Quartz + Pearl Bracelet from Wicked Peacock! I'd use the word 'inspirational' to describe your blog because it always makes me want to go eat at the restaurants your feature, watch the movies you review and travel to all the places you visit. Fortunately, I have been able to accompany you on some of these adventures!

Keep up the awesome work!

Top! (top.pop.bop.shop.) As in all the pop, bop, shop goodness that top your list. Like you top mine :)

Happy Golden Birthday, Pop.Bop.Shop! So happy for you, Moll! I hope you have some gold on reserve for your own purposes ;)

Happy happy Golden Birthday!!!! It's hard to choose just one word, but if I have to pick I would say this blog is "fabulicious" (courtesy of NJ Housewife Teresa Guidice)! This is my go to blog when I'm looking for a great and honest review about the newest and best places to eat, where to shop and what to watch! It always leaves me wondering what the next adventure will be!

P.S. LOVING all the pieces, but I've got my eye on the CakeStyle spike necklace :)

-Kara F.

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Happy Golden Birthday to one of the best blogs out there! I'm going to go with Pop.Bop.Shop and Dine. You know how much I love your postings involving food. Congrats girl!

Happy Birthday Pop.Bop.Shop (and Molly!) - I agree with other readers - definitely a food related word as your fourth word. Sadly, I couldn't think of anything that rhymed so I am going to go with EAT.

All the pieces you posted are gorgeous but the bangle and pendant necklace are my faves. Happy Friday! Catie

Top! My word is "top." Not only does it rhyme, it covers the fact you write about only the best of the best things going on, naturally in top fashion. Congrats, Molly!

And, if given my druthers, I'd love the bangle, second choice, the glass pendant.

Omg, omg, I'm so embarrassed - Kit already did "top" and I didn't realize it. Maybe it should be MY last day. :)

Great minds think alike :)

Sigh. I wrote my word today and THEN read through all the comments. I too, said 'top'. Although I said "OnTop"... maybe that counts as different.

Happy Birthday--what a milestone! AMAZING dedication and commitment to writing !!! A wonderful resource for food, finds and fabulousness~! Glad to have collaborated, thanks for thinking of and including us! Ok, I'm up for the challenge--great idea! One word: food-coma! Pop.Bop.Shop and head straight into a blissful food-coma! xoxo Silvana

CHOP! for all things recipe and restaurant-related. PS: I don't hate those earrings :)

Happy golden birthday, Pop.Bop.Shop!

You can be described as nothing less than "rich."

Rich in culture, rich in style, rich in variety, rich in taste, and - my absolute favorite part - rich in personality!

Keep up the wonderful work, Molly. (And if I must choose I love the CakeStyle necklace!)

Happy birthday popbopshop! 4 never looked so good!!

My word is "swap"--for all the great stories you "swap" with us... Or you can totally hold a pop bop shop swap and we can trade accessories or something!! :)

Of course I love Tamar's piece and the Alexis Bittar bangle!!

What an awesome achievement!!

Happy Golden Birthday Pop.Bop.Shop.Rock. (That's totally the word I'd add.) lovely pieces of jewels you're giving away!

Yum. I love your restaurant reviews! And I love the Persona Jewelry earrings. Happy Golden Bday!

One word M? Too hard. Can I have 3?
1. Reaffirming (that you have the same feelings post 90210 episodes as I do...)
2. Delicious!! (Makes me want to fly to the States and stuff my face just about every time I read...)
3. Spot-On (It's exactly what I want to read, and offers honest, interesting and helpful reviews!)

Congratulations to my favorite blogger in the world. So happy for you!!

Unique! I love all the different kinds of posts (but food-related are my favorite!). GS Designs earrings are my favorite of the gold jewelry, also love the Alexis Bittar bracelet. Happy 4th!

Congratulations Pop Bop Shop!!! Molly, what you have done with this blog is nothing short of amazing. How about "mob" in honor of your MANY followers? You could include some interactive opportunities for readers; perhaps some fun polls or surveys! As you know, social media is all about reaching as many people as possible i.e. MOBS!
Love you Molly! And LOVE Tamar's necklace! Good luck to everyone!

ok molly,
spent the last 2 days thinking, here is what I've got:
1- "non-stop"- in celebration of the 4th b-day, we all hope you just keep going and never stop- cant wait for more!
2- "over-the-top"- in the best way of course :)
3- "table-top"- for the foodie aspect
4- "do-woop" - for some jazz in there..
and if i didn't feel the need to rime i would have to go with -FUN! since that is absolutely what this blog is about, having the most fun!!
i would love the bracelet first then the earrings!

Happy Golden Birthday Molly and Pop.Bop.Shop! What a great achievement. I'm not sure if this has already been suggested, but I think your fourth word should be "hop" or "trot".

I think your blog is a great resource for Bostonians, and I think "hop" or "trot" would be a great way to expand your blog reach by covering travel topics, including your great recommendations for your travels to NYC, Miami, etc.

Congrats again, can't wait to see what the next four years have in store for you! :)


P.S - Love the Alexis Bittar bracelet and the earrings.

My word for this blog is sincere. You are sincere in every post, even if that means you're being totally honest about the slowness of the waitstaff at a restaurant, or raving about an episode of your favorite guilty pleasure. There's a lot of writing in the blogosphere that is lacking sincerity because folks write only about what they think people want to hear. You're writing from personal experiences about my favorite things: eating, watching, reading and buying, and it's refreshing to have some grounded opinions thrown in there! Keep on blogging in the free world, Molly!

PS Totes have my eye on the Bittar bracelet...got my mom bittar earrings last year for her birthday and have been jealous ever since.

I'm going to have to create a word here... a merging of two real words to rhyme. The fourth word to close out the blog title, and the summary of its essence: OnTop!!
Congrats on FOUR years, I can't believe it. You're amazing Molls! I love the bangle and those earrings! :)

Molly, you have a terrific blog voice that carries us along with your adventures in bopping. You bring fun, spirit and energy to all that life in Boston offers. The word that comes to mind is a French one: "profitez". It means something like "make the most of.." It's what you do.
I recuse myself from the contest, seeing as I'm practically a family member. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary. We all look forward to what you can come up with for us to explore and enjoy in 2013.

Happy Golden Year! What a wonderful accomplishment this is, and I trust you are celebrating in style! I'm not a very avid blog reader, but I read yours regularly and have found myself referencing it in conversation over the last few weeks, AND your blog inspired me to gift my sister with Birchbox for Christmas (which, ps, she LOVED)... so, I would add the words smile & stop. since your posts always bring a smile to my face and then poof! my blog needs have been fulfilled.

Pop - Bop - Shop - Smile & Stop

All your giveaway pieces are fabulous (shocker), but the wicked peacock bracelet definitely caught my eye.

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This is from Jaclyn!

Happy Happy Happy Bday to your blog! So fun! And I learned something new - golden b-days?! I should celebrate my 4th all over again!

Okay, racked my brain and the only thing I could come up with is "Spade" - 1. because you are the one person I know who knows about ALL THINGS Kate Spade and why don't you blog about it more?! 2. because the garden tool, Spade, is used for digging and spreading the dirt - DUH! you are top notch at digging up the latest content and spreading it to us through your posts! HA HA!

Okay and adoring those earrings - must haves!

Happy, happy golden birthday to a golden girl (and not the Betty White variety, mind you!). The word that comes to mind for me is "CHOMP." After every visit to Pop.Bop.Shop. - I am left chomping at the bit to try your recommendations - particularly the food ones!

Congrats on this very special milestone, Molly! Can't wait to see what the next four years have in store!

Oh, and if I am lucky enough to win the CakeStyle necklace, I'll totally pose for a P.B.S. spread ;)


Molly, Congratulations!!! If I were in the business of ranking people, you'd be in my list of "Top People to Watch in 2013." :-) You're such a darling and I couldn't be more happy to count you as a dear friend. So, for my word, I choose "love." Pop. Bop. Shop. Love. I adore you and all of your interests and successes.

And, "Love." all the jewelry you gave away!


Happy 4th Birthday! Amazing is how I would describe your blog. Your Pop.Bop.Shop. blog is always interesting to read and I can't wait to check out some of the great places you have visited. Next time I'm up I'd love to go exploring with you!

P.S. The Alexis bangle would go fantastic with quite a few of my outfits!


Molly - congratulations on 4 fabulous years! I think I'd add your name as the fourth word -- and put it at the beginning. Molly's Pop Bop Shop -- gives you a little name recognition and let's people realize that your treasure trove of details is almost as good as bopping or shopping around in real life!

I'm going to put a vote in for Kayla's "chomp" idea. I think you need a word that references food since my favorite part of the blog is the restaurant reviews! and pop.bop.shop.chomp sounds GREAT! just sayin'

Congratulations, Molly. Such an exciting milestone. My suggestion is 'dish.'

From your food reviews, to the beautiful photos of your yummy looking plates, to your cutting edge knowledge about the best books, museum exhibitions and fun outings, you dish out the best advice, reveal the best dishes in the city and have all the latest dish (insider info) about the best that Boston has to offer! I would be honored to wear any of the stunning pieces, but the bangle and earrings particularly catch my eye :)

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