Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dining Out: Patsy's Pizzeria

The fourth night of my New York City trip I was planning to meet an old friend and when she asked what I was craving, I admitted that I had not yet had a slice of New York pizza!

With that in mind, she recommended we meet at a place called Patsy's Pizzeria. The restaurant is located at the corner of 60th Street and 3rd Avenue.

I spotted Patsy's by its glowing neon sign.

You take a few steps down and under a green awning to enter the restaurant.

We were seated right away and handed menus by the hostess.

The menu was simple - starters, salads, pizza and pasta. We wanted to order the fried zucchini and eggplant with yogurt dipping sauce to start, but our waitress told us the fried veggies were very greasy and that she wouldn't recommend it. We dodged a bullet there!

In the end we decided to share the arugula salad. The plate was very simple and rather disappointing. Though there was a large pile of greens, there were only two parmesan cheese shavings and a pinch of sun dried tomatoes.

Post-salad we shared a large pizza with mushrooms. As I mentioned, I was having a wicked New York City pizza craving so I was ready to chomp right into a slice.

Sadly, this pizza was a total let down. The crust was overcooked, it wasn't cheesy enough and the mushrooms didn't taste fresh. Boo!

Now I know what you are thinking, "Poor, Molly. All she wanted was a slice of New York pizza." Fear not! After the ho hum dinner my friend suggested we visit a New York institution across the street, Serendipity.

For those who have never been to Serendipity, it's a whimsically decorated cafe best known for its frozen hot chocolate and outrageous ice cream sundae creations.

I had been to Serendipity a few times in high school, but it had been over 10 years since my last visit. When my friend suggested we cap the night there, I couldn't resist!

In the past I've waited over an hour for a table, but that night we only had to wait a few minutes. We were led to a table for two on the second floor of the restaurant and our cheery waiter popped over to ask if we had any questions. I never realized that Serendipity served savory food! They have two full pages of breakfast, lunch and dinner items, none of which we were interested in. Ha!

Though we both knew the dessert portions were massive, we couldn't settle on just one confection so we agreed to tackle two.

My pick was one of the evening's specials, the frozen mint chocolate. Look at this!

It tasted like an icy Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie. It was brain freeze inducing heaven!

My friend couldn't resist her usual choice, the Forbidden Broadway sundae.

This sundae is black out cake, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Check out that piece of cake sticking out of the side of the dish!

When our waiter put these two dishes down we were stunned into silence. The two young men sitting at the table next to us looked over and in unison they blurted out, "Whoa!" Yup. We went there.

Both Serendipity desserts were exceptional and completely wiped away the memory of the disappointing meal at Patsy's.

For my next trip, what is your favorite pizza place in New York City?

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