Gossip Girl: Lady Alexander

Tonight's episode of "Gossip Girl" revolved around a trip to the horse track. Chuck and Blair headed to the track in search of horses purchased by Bart.

Those who read the blog regularly know I have a major obsession with Chuck Bass. Tonight he pushed my loyalty to the limit with his country club clown wardrobe. Pink gingham? A pink flower in the lapel? It's just too much.

This hour we learned Bart bought 12 horses from a Sheik in Dubai. The Sheik's daughter Iman races the horses and apparently has known Bart a long time. In fact, she calls him "Uncle." After a heart to heart with Blair about Bart and Chuck, Iman approaches Chuck at the Empire to tell him she knows Bart lied about the horses. She also reveals that her father was in the oil business and if Bart had done business with him in the states, it would break federal law. Interesting!

Bart was quite sneaky this episode. He followed Lily and Chuck, showed up at the track, appeared at the stables with Iman, has something to do with the new line of credit for "The Spectator" and demanded Lily stop seeing Chuck if she wants to stay married to him. So bossy!

This hour Steven calls out Serena for sleeping with Nate and insists on knowing everyone she has slept with. How long do you have, buddy? Later in the hour we learn Steven unknowingly slept with Lily. In a castle dungeon, of course.

At the close of the episode we see Georgina swiped a video from Serena's phone of Serena and Dan having sex. Can't wait to see where that gem ends up.

In previews for next week Serena thinks Steven is going to propose to her. Having the same hunch, Sage enlists Blair to help stop the engagement.

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