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In August I rented a beach house with a group of friends and one of the girls arrived from New York City ecstatic to show us her new glasses from a brand called Warby Parker. I'd never heard of them, but I loved the glasses so much I practically ripped them out of her hands and insisted she let me wear them. I proceeded to wear them all night long, despite having nearly perfection vision.

Last week the Warby Parker team let me know that their mobile showroom would be rolling into Faneuil Hall on a tour they are calling the Warby Parker Class Trip.

Today during my lunch break I headed into Faneuil in search of the bus. As I rounded the corner from State Street toward Anthem and Bertucci's, I spotted it right away!

The bus has Warby Parker's name scrawled across the back windows.

The class trip logo is stamped regally on the side of the bus.

I snaked around to the front of the bus and a chalkboard pointed me toward the entrance. I love how they carry the school theme through every single detail.

Once aboard the bus I was stunned by how elegant they managed to make the space. Along one side of the bus are caramel colored leather couches and along the opposite side are very handsome, wooden display cases.

The bus also has a map (middle school style!) that tracks the route of the class trip.

The display case had bright yellow welcome cards introducing visitors to the brand.

After checking out the bus' accessories, I finally focused on the glasses (pun intended). I love that Warby Parker's glasses are funky colors, cool shapes and have unexpected stem colors. Never in my life have I wanted poor vision more than I did while standing in front of these glasses!

Since I don't wear prescription glasses, I moved over to the sunglass section. I must have tried on every single pair of sunglasses they had on that bus and I couldn't find one that was a perfect fit for my face. I wanted about six pairs of eye glasses, but alas, I don't need those!

While aboard the bus I had the opportunity to speak to the trip's social media coordinator and she let me know that the goal of the trip is to introduce cities to the Warby Parker showroom experience. The team put a lot of thought into the design of the bus. You can see the making of the custom bus on a very cool page on Warby Parker's website. I'm super impressed!

The Warby Parker Class Trip will be teaching Boston about eyewear style through this Sunday 10/21. Be sure to climb aboard before they roll into the next city!

If you can't make it to the bus this weekend, shop the Warby Parker online here. If you can't settle on one pair, Warby Parker will ship you five styles for free and you have five days to wear them all and choose your favorite. Pretty cool! Also, for every pair you purchase, Warby Parker donates a pair to a person in need.

Have you boarded the Warby Parker bus this week?


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