90210: Vegas, Baby, Vegas

I loved tonight's episode of 90210! I can't discuss any plot lines until I discuss the Vinny cameo! How fun was that? Vinny was actually great. What a pleasant, guido surprise!

As much as I hated that Naomi chased Austin to Vegas (pathetic), she wound up uncovering some serious family drama. I feel badly for Austin, who knew his dad was such an ass?

Can we talk about the return of Teddy? And for that matter, Shane? It makes me a little crazy that characters just disappear and re-appear, but I've always loved Teddy, so I'll allow it. I couldn't hold in my "awwwww" when Teddy and Shane exchanged vows. Especially Shane's vows. Too bad Silver ruined it all by accidentally sending their video wedding to her boss. Obviously she is going to use it to take down her political opponent, Teddy's uncle.

I feel horrible for Annie, who caught Patrick in Vegas with a blond, skinny b*tch. After all that trouble he went through to woo her? Really?

Can we talk about Navid making out with the cop? Too bad Silver walked in on that. Just set them back another month.

At the close of the episode, Adriana comes to check on Dixon and they wind up hooking up. Of course! This is just like the original 90210, eventually everyone hooks up with everyone!

In previews for next week, Teddy's wedding video goes public and Annie confronts Patrick. Oh boy!

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