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With summer upon us I have been seeking some new dazzlers to give a dose of extra shimmer to my sundresses. Where did I look first? Naturally, one of my favorite designers, Kate Spade.

On my most recent visit to her website I stumbled upon this sand colored tote bag which is an absolutely perfect summer tote. I am a fan of oversized hand bags, as I like to carry enough to survive if I were ever to be stranded. Or at least enough to make calls and take pictures.

I love the color of this bag, the feminine bow, and the seeming durability.

I gasped with adoration when I saw this blue and purple bangle that's pattern reminds me of a glorious peacock feather. The bangle itself resembles many a COACH bangle I have lusted after.

This seahorse cuff is the ultimate beach accessory! With its ocean inspired theme, this cuff would bring vibrancy to an evening dinner or BBQ outfit. I'm thinking tan skin, wet hair, a flowy sundress, and this bangle. Shoes not required.

Lastly, this gold ring looks like a fusion of zippers and a beehive, multiplied and grouped together to form this one, cohesive piece.

Kate Spade continually impresses me with her functional yet chic style. I can't wait to add these pieces to my collection!


Molly Galler

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