Happy 1st Birthday Pop.Bop.Shop.!

It hard to believe that exactly one year ago today Pop.Bop.Shop. was born.

Each December I think long and hard about a new years resolution for the coming year and in December 2008 I was determined to find an outlet for my love of writing. I was a devout reader of several blogs and knew friends that had started their own, but when thinking about starting one myself I wondered, "could I keep it up?"

Now 228 posts later, it is clear that I can! Not only have a found a way to revel in my passion for writing, but I have significantly cut down on the number of emails I was sending and re-sending to friends and family about a great movie I had just seen, my thoughts on this week's episode of Gossip Girl, or a fabulous new restaurant I had tried.

Thank you to all of the loyal readers who have supported this project and continued to provide feedback which has helped me to give you more of what you love! A special thank you to everyone who let me take (and retake) pictures of their food while we were out to eat.

Thanks to a little self promotion via Facebook and Twitter I've also had the opportunity this past year to meet several of the owners and marketing reps for some of my favorite brands, television shows and local bars and restaurants. Thank you to all of my new friends for sharing my reviews with your fans in the online community.

In Pop.Bop.Shop.'s second year I will continue to bring you my rants on raves and I welcome your comments and suggestions! Please don't be shy to write comments beneath posts, I love reading them!

Happy Birthday Pop.Bop.Shop.! It's been quite a first year!

Cheers to a happy, healthy, fun and delicious 2010!


Molly Galler

Welcome to Pop.Bop.Shop. My name is Molly. I’m a foodie, fashionista, pop culture addict and serious travel junkie. I’m a lifelong Bostonian obsessed with frozen confections, outdoor patios, Mindy Kaling, reality television, awards shows, tropical vacations, snail mail and my birthday.

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