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It is well documented here on Pop.Bop.Shop. that I am a fierce champion of independent bookstores. When I learned downtown Boston would be getting a new book shop, I was elated. I couldn't wait to check it out. 

Beacon Hill Books & Cafe is located on one of the most iconic streets in Boston - Charles Street in Beacon Hill. These red brick blocks are known for their upscale boutiques, fantastic restaurants, and proximity to Boston's Public Garden. 

We planned our visit on a Saturday morning, intentionally arriving right when the cafe opened at 9:00am. Because we pulled into the neighborhood while most people were still sleeping, we were able to snag a metered spot right on Charles Street. If you're a Bostonian, you know how lucky that is! 

We headed to the cafe first. To reach the restuarant, you walk down a small stone alley way, which has "Alice in Wonderland" / falling down the rabbit hole vibes. 

Beacon Hill Books Cafe Entrance

There are signs in the alley that declare, "We're so happy you are here!" 

We weren't able to secure a reservation at the cafe in advance, so we hoped being the first in line for walk-ins would do the trick. We got incredibly lucky and there were two seats at the counter on the outdoor patio. 

We had a lovely waitress who brought us the breakfast menus. The store's mascot, the squirrel, was printed right on top. They added a chef's hat, which was adorable. 

Beacon Hill Books Cafe Menu

I already knew I was going to enjoy our time at the cafe because the breakfast menu had a dedicated dessert section. These are my kind of people. 

Beacon Hill Books Dessert Menu

We began with drinks, a hot apple cider for me and iced latte for my bestie. 

Beacon Hill Books Cafe Drinks

The cider was incredible. Topped with fresh cinnamon, you could smell the Fall flavors before even taking the first sip. The cider was piping hot, warming me from the inside out. 

The iced latte got less of a rave review, but in its defense, we had recently returned from Jackson, Wyoming where the lavender latte at Picnic and Persphone reigns supreme as the greatest coffee drink. 

I ordered a blueberry corn scone to start and it was the perfect texture. It came with a side of the most heavenly butter I have ever had the pleasure of spreading on a baked good. 

Beacon Hill Books Blueberry Scone

Next, we both ordered egg dishes. I went with the English breakfast, which was a sunny side up egg, roasted tomatoes, mico greens and wild mushrooms over spelt toast. 

Beacon Hill Books English Breakfast

The egg was expertly cooked, the veggies were fresh, and I loved the earthy flavor of the mushrooms. The one down side was that the toast was very tough and hard to cut. I felt like I needed a steak knife. 

My bestie ordered the lox and eggs. She described, "The eggs were perfect and the greens were lovely, but I wish the lox had been smoked. It would have given the dish more flavor." 

Beacon Hill Books Lox and Eggs

Instead of the regular toast, she ordered hers with the gluten-free bread option, which was a nut bread. She admitted, "There is all kinds of gluten-free bread, and unfortunately, this is a bad tasting one. There were just too many nuts and it didn't feel like actual bread." 

A note: we had to ask if there were gluten-free options. It was not listed anywhere on the menu. If you have a food senisitivity, I highly recommend that before you place your order, you ask what's possible. Though this bread wasn't a winner, had we not asked, we wouldn't have even known they had an alternative. 

As we took our final bites, we asked our waitress what the process was to return to the cafe for high tea. We had read about that online, but had heard its notoriously hard to get a reservation. She confessed that the seats do get snatched up months in advance, but often people have to cancel 24 hours before and the online reservation system will reflect that. I hope to be able to go back, sit indoors and enjoy that tea time feast! 

With full bellies, we headed back through the alley way and up to the street. The entrance to the bookstore is up a few steps. 

Beacon Hill Books Front Entrance

There are three levels of reading paradise. We started at the very top, which is the children's floor. Everything on this floor is incredibly cozy. There's kid-size furniture in front of a fireplace. 

Beacon Hill Books Kids Floor

I couldn't get over this wicker tea set for imaginary play. 

Beacon Hill Books Kids Tea Set

There's a very whimsical piece of artwork over the fireplace that celebrates the alphabet. 

Beacon Hill Books Alphabet Artwork

As you walk through the spaces upstairs, there's a sign above the doorway that says, "Once upon a time . . ." The details here are unreal. 

Beacon Hill Books Once Upon a Time

There is a tiny door, which I saw many kids enjoying during their visits. 

Beacon Hill Books Kids Door

Each week, on Wednesdays, the store hosts "Squirrel Tales" a.k.a. story time. I love all the squirrel collectibles displayed on this bookcase. When you're obsessed with your brand, you lean all the way in! 

Beacon Hill Books Squirrels

The best part of the children's area is a train that runs across the ceiling. There is a giant red button on the wall with a train illustration, and when you push it, you hear the train whistle and then it begins to chug along the track. I pushed the button four times myself! 

The middle floor includes the travel section, popular fiction, and romance. 

Beacon Hill Books Armchair Travel

I did wind up buying two books while we were there, "Queen Bee" by Amalie Howard and "Donut Fall in Love" by Jackie Lau. 

If you find yourself interested in something while you're browsing, there are several book nooks for reading. 

Beacon Hill Books Reading Nook

The first floor has a large gift section (including many squirrel delights) and the cookbook section. Even though I am a terrible cook, I have always loved reading about food. 

Beacon Hill Books Cookbooks

As we walked to the register to check out, I could not get over how every single detail of the cafe and book store is so intentional and beautifully curated. As you walk around, you really feel that the owner loves what she does. 

Now, when people come to visit me in Boston, Beacon Hill Books & Cafe will be the top place I want to take them. 

Visit yourself at 71 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114. 


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