Dining Out: Hatch Taqueria & Tequilas

During my October trip to Jackson, Wyoming we tried to strike a balance between revisiting restaurants we love and checking out ones that were completely new to us. On the brunch front, we knew we'd hit up Picnic and Persephone, but we also wanted to venture somewhere we hadn't been before. My bestie found a mouth-watering photo of the huevos rancheros at Hatch Taqueria & Tequilas on Instagram, so we headed there Sunday morning. 

The restaurant is downtown and by some miracle, has multiple free parking spots right out front. In the summer months, their outdoor patio is clearly hopping. The morning we went, it was a little too chilly to sit outside. 

Hatch Entrance

The dining room is very cozy, with booth seating at most tables. I loved the luchador (Mexican wrestler) artwork. 

Hatch Dining Room

To begin, we ordered cocktails. A Bloody Maria for me (a Bloody Mary with tequila instead of vodka) and the Paloma for my brunch date. 

Hatch Cocktails

The Bloody came garnished with an olive and a jalapeño slice. The tomato juice and spice mix was good, but not amazing. My bestie said of her drink, "You can definitely tell this is made with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice!" 

Whenever I am out to brunch, I always have the same conundrum - I want all the savory things and all the sweet things. The best brunch companions are the ones who either suggest or agree to my plea to "share something sweet for the table." 

We decided to each get our own egg dishes, but to also split the pancakes. 

Hatch Brunch Spread

I went with the avocado toast, which actually tasted more like a Mexican omelette that happened to have bread underneath. The eggs and salsa were the ingredients you tasted most strongly in every bite. 

Hatch Avocado Toast

I also ordered a side of home fries, which desperately needed black pepper. 

My bestie got the huevos rancheros, which she loved.

Hatch Huevos Rancheros

She described, "The green sauce has a great, spicy kick to it! The two eggs are cooked to runny perfection. There is a huge corn tortilla on the base of the plate that is soaking up all the sauce." She did have one ask, "I just wish there had been more cotija cheese over the top." 

I took a bite of the sauce and I can attest it was fantastic. Hueovos rancheros seems to be a popular dish in Jackson. We also ordered it at Nora's Fish Creek Inn and Cafe Genevieve

To share, we got the banana huckleberry pancakes. Huckleberry is native to Jackson and kind of their signature thing. We were excited that the pancakes are naturally gluten-free (as my bestie is GF). They are made with blue corn flour. 

Hatch Pancakes

The huckleberry flavor was delicious, and made even tastier with maple syrup over the top. We both felt this was a great sharing dish, but that you might not want this as your only plate at brunch, as it would be a lot of bites of the exact same flavor. 

If you're headed to Jackson, I think the outdoor patio at Hatch in the summer time, with an ice cold margarita, is probably a dream experience. Definitely put them on your trip-planning list! 


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