Dining Out: Nora's Fish Creek Inn

On the third morning of our Jackson Hole, Wyoming trip, we woke up before the sun for a very special excursion. We were headed on a sunrise river float through Teton National Park. I'll share more about that adventure in an upcoming post, but for now, it's important for you to know that post-float we were chilly and ready to be warmed from the inside out. 

Once we were back on land, we headed for Nora's Fish Creek Inn, a local favorite for breakfast. Not many restaurants have a James Beard Award and a segment on Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," but Nora's boasts both. 

We could tell the place was popular by how many cars were parked out front at 9:00am. 

Noras Fish Creek Inn

We were greeted by a bubbly hostess, who was able to make space for us right away. The dining room feels like a classic diner, but with a log cabin twist. 

Noras Fish Creek Inn

I wasted no time ordering a hot chocolate with whipped cream. 

Noras Hot Chocolate

Two of the girls ordered lattes, which came with a bear paw design in the milk. 

Noras LatteNoras Latte

Whenever I'm at brunch with friends, my goal is to order some kind of egg dish for myself (usually an omelette or a benedict) and then to convince the table that we should share pancakes or French toast. Before I could even make that suggestion, a friend looked up and said, "I'm going to order chocolate chip pancakes for the table." Music to my ears! 

The pancakes arrived first and they were delicious. Light, fluffy and a generous amount of chocolate chips that added a richness to every bite. 

Noras Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Two of us ordered omelettes - mushroom and spinach for me, Caprese for a friend - and we both felt they were underwhelming.

Noras Veggie OmeletteNoras Caprese Omelette

The home fries that came on the side were great - crunchy and seasoned with a generous shake of pepper. 

A friend got the corned beef hash and said, "This was great. The hash had a crispy edge and was really flavorful." 

Noras Corned Beef Hash

Next to her, a friend ordered two eggs and bacon. She echoed our earlier thoughts on the omelettes, "The eggs were a bit runnier than I would have wanted, but the home fries were awesome."

Noras Fried Eggs

The star dish was absolutely the huevos rancheros. The lucky girl with that plate in front of her shared, "This is delicious. There is so much melted cheese! The salsa is great. I barely noticed the eggs, and I didn't even care." 

Noras Huevos Rancheros

Before leaving, a few of us went to use the ladies room and on the walk down that hallway we noticed the gorgeous wallpaper in that part of the restaurant. 

Noras Wallpaper

It was mountain-themed, featuring moose, elk, fish, fir trees and log cabins. 

If you're in the Jackson Hole area, especially with kids, hit up Nora's for the pancakes and the hot cocoa. 

Nora's Fish Creek Inn is located at 5600 W Hwy-22, Wilson, Wyoming 83014. 


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