Dining Out: Cafe Genevieve

On our final morning in Jackson Hole, Wyoming we were in complete denial that we had to leave. Begrudgingly, we packed our bags, tidied up our rental house, and drove down Spring Gulch Road once final time. 

We had a few hours before we had to be at the airport, so we took full advantage and spent our remaining hours downtown. We headed for Cafe Genevieve, a local favorite for brunch that is just one block off of the town square. 

Cafe Genevieve

The restaurant looks like a house, which adds to its charm.

Cafe Genevieve

The outdoor patio was packed so we weren't sure if they would be able to accommodate us, but the kind hostess took one spin outside and mouthed to me, "Five minutes!" 

We were seated at a table with a beautiful view of Snow King Mountain. 

Our resident coffee drinker ordered a cup of hot coffee to help her wake up and it came in this cute branded mug. 

Cafe Genevieve Coffee Mug

To celebrate a phenomenal trip, we each chose a brunch cocktail. One mimosa, two Irish coffees and two Bloody Marys. 

Cafe Genevieve Cocktails

The Irish coffees were rich, decadent, and topped with fresh whipped cream. 

The Bloody Mary was excellent, and came garnished with a pickled Brussels sprout and a cube of cheese. One friend added the "pig candy" to hers (a.k.a. candied bacon) and she devoured it. 

If you are a Bloody Mary lover, Cafe Genevieve offers several versions, including one made with local Wyoming whiskey called the Bloody Cowboy. 

We were off to an excellent start. 

To eat, four of us ordered the avocado toast. Basic, I know. 

Cafe Genevieve Avocado Toast

You can choose how you'd like your eggs. I went with sunny side up. 

Cafe Genevieve Avocado Toast

While this presentation was pretty, all of us wished they had mashed the avocado onto the toast and then mixed in the tomatoes and radishes. The self-assembly wasn't as tasty, even if it looks better in pictures (I see you, Cafe Genevieve). 

The toast itself was very hearty and the butter knives we had to cut into it just weren't enough. You really needed a steak knife. 

The home fries were yummy. They were just the right level of crispy and had great seasoning. In fact, they didn't even need ketchup. 

One friend ordered the huevos rancheros, which looked fantastic. The second her plate his the table I think we all said a collective, "Wow!" 

Cafe Genevieve Huevos Rancheros

When I asked how she was enjoying the first few bites, she replied, "This is delicious. It has the perfect level of spice. The salsa is the star. I would definitely order it again!" 

We took our time eating and sipping our beverages because we really didn't want to rush our final meal. We all had that bittersweet feeling that washes over you at the end of a trip where you're devastated it's ending, but you also have deep gratitude that it happened. 

If you'll be in Jackson Hole, definitely add Cafe Genevieve to your list. It's in a great location downtown, the patio is lovely, and those brunch cocktails are the real deal. 

Cafe Genevieve is located at 135 East Broadway, Jackson, Wyoming 83001. 


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