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Happy Friday! It was a doozy of a work week, but the forecast here in Boston is looking lovely for the weekend (55 degrees and full sun), so I am a happy camper. 

I didn't get to do too much streaming this week, but I am psyched about several things debuting in the coming weeks: 

  • Sunday, March 21 - Set your DVR for Sunday night! Actress and singer Cynthia Erivo stars in Genius: Aretha about the life of Aretha Franklin. It airs on National Geographic and the next day on Hulu. 
  • Thursday, March 25 - Andy Cohen is hosting a new series for E! called The Story of Reality TV. It's going to cover the early shows (The Real World, Survivor), the MTV era (The Osbournes, Laguna Beach, The Hills, Jersey Shore), The Kardashians and of course, the Bravo empire. I couldn't be more excited! Season three of the Israeli show Shtisel is also coming out this same day on Netflix. 
  • Thursday, April 1 - After months of waiting, we're getting a new season of Top Chef on Bravo! This new season takes place in Portland, OR. You can watch the trailer here
  • Thursday, April 15 - Younger returns to TV Land! If you've been sleeping on this show, catch up before the premiere. It's about a woman who lies about her age to score a job at a publishing house and builds a new life around her false persona, including an amazing best friend at work and a dreamy, much younger boyfriend. #TeamJosh 

I only have two picks to share this week. I promise I will do more streaming this weekend! 

1. Imposters (Netflix) - I don't know how I missed this show when it aired on Bravo, but I am so glad I found out about it. One of my besties binged it and texted me to say she thought I would love it. Per usual, she was right. 

The show is about a woman named Maddie, who is a con artist. Her routine is to meet a man, make him fall in love with her, get married and then 28-30 days later, steal all his money. The show opens with her latest victim, Ezra, realizing what is happening to him and taking action to track her down. 


Eventually, Ezra meets two more of Maddie's victims and they team up in search of justice. The show is a smart mix of emotional, clever and suspenseful. 

Maddie is played by Inbar Lavi and Ezra is played by Rob Heaps. There's also an amazing cameo from Uma Thurman. 

The show is created by Paul Adelstein, who you may recognize as Dr. Cooper Freedman on Private Practice or Jake on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

There are two seasons available to stream on Netflix, each with 10 episodes. I watched the entire first season in 24 hours. I couldn't stop! 

2. Waffles and Mochi (Netflix) - When I heard Michelle Obama and her production company, Higher Ground, were going to be making a food show for kids, I knew immediately that I would watch it. Though I am not the target audience, I love Michelle and I will take access to her in any form I can get it! 

The show, in a surprise to no one, is amazing. There are 10 episodes, each 30 minutes. 

The central characters are two puppets, Waffles (a Yeti with frozen waffles for ears) and Mochi (a tiny, cute, pink sidekick). They arrive at the supermarket (owned by Michelle Obama) and begin their education about fresh food. 

Episode one is all about the tomato. Is the tomato a fruit? A vegetable? The best ingredient in pizza? 

That first half hour is packed with A-listers. Samin Nosrat teaches Waffles and Mochi the basics, José Andrés shows them how to make gazpacho, Sia sings about this beloved ingredient and they even pay a visit to Mozzeria, a pizza restaurant with an important mission. 

Waffles and Mochi

Other episode themes include the potato, pickles, corn and mushrooms. 

The theme song for the show encourages kids to, "Listen to your vegetables and eat your parents!" 

Whether you have children of your own or not, this is delightful, easy viewing. 

There you have it! My two favorites from the past week.

This weekend, I am planning to finally watch Nomadland. I also want to see Sound of Metal before the Oscars. This year, the show is on Sunday, April 25. 

*Images courtesy of Unsplash, The Hollywood Reporter and TIME


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