Dining Out: Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar

On our final day in Southern California, my travel buddy's cousins served as our tour guides. They live in Laguna Hills, CA, but they wanted us to a get true sense for Orange County, so they took us to San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, and San Clemente. 

Dana Point was absolutely stunning. I felt like I was on The O.C. All that was missing was Seth Cohen!

Her family was telling us that they love to come to Dana Point to run and to walk their dogs. I could so easily see myself walking Scout along the water there. 

In San Clemente, our first stop was T Street Beach. The views were gorgeous. Eventually we made our way to the San Clemente Pier, to have lunch at Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar

Fishermans San Clemente

We had to circle a bit to find a table for five, but a kind family tipped us off that they were about to get up and were happy to give us their spot right along the glass. 

Once we were seated, this was the view to my left:

Fishermans San Clemente

And this was the view to my right: 

Fishermans San Clemente

I could get used to this! 

The menu is exactly what you'd expect at an oceanfront seafood place. My bestie decided to go with the Fisherman's chowder, which unlike clam chowder, has a tomato-based broth. 

Fishermans San Clemente

She said it was the ideal portion size, and packed with fresh seafood in every spoonful. 

Two people at the table went with fish and chips - a classic. 

Fishermans San Clemente

One cousin shared, "This is excellent. The fish has a great batter on it - it's nice and crunchy. The white fish is delicious, and it tastes even better dunked in the tartar sauce. The fries are crispy and the coleslaw is a winner too!" 

I decided on the veggie burger, which came piled high with cheese, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion strings and a chipotle mayo.

Fishermans San Clemente

The onion strings were an awesome add - I wish more restaurants offered that on veggie burgers! The French fries were fantastic - definitely McDonald's level. 

If you find yourself in Southern California, plan to spend a day in San Clemente enjoying the vistas at T Street Beach, and ending your day with a cocktail and a platter of fish and chips at Fisherman's. The views from their deck are unbeatable. 


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