Sip: Barone Fini at Prezza

I'm always up for a glass of wine, especially when I'm sipping for a cause. Next week, from August 8th - August 15th, Prezza in the North End will be offering a special menu to celebrate the Italian holiday of Ferragosto. As part of this festive menu, the restaurant will be featuring Barone Fini wines. For every glass of Barone Fini purchased on those dates, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank

As I mentioned, Prezza's special menu is in honor of Italy's Ferragosto, a celebration of the harvest that dates back centuries. At its inception, Ferragosto was a time when aristocrats and peasants broke bread together to toast to the end of the hard labor period. Today, Italians mark the occasion by flocking to the beaches or the mountains, lighting fireworks, attending horse races and throwing parades. 

Last week I took off work and spent a six days on Cape Cod (you might say it was a celebration of the end of a hard labor period) and I was lucky to enjoy a bottle of Barone Fini wine with my family during the trip. 

Barone Fini

We served it with appetizers, all things I had brought with me from Watertown - Orzo salad from Sevan, an Armenian grocery store on Mount Auburn Street, and beet dip (with special crackers) from Sofra on Belmont Street. 

Barone FiniBarone Fini

The sweetness of the Barone Fini Pinot Grigio was a perfect match for these summertime dishes. 

Barone Fini

I love their logo. It's so regal, don't you think? 

Barone Fini

We didn't wind up finishing the bottle that very first night, so we used the rest of the wine the next evening to make sangria (we used Rachael Ray's recipe). We added triple sec, lemons, limes, orange slices and peaches. It was wonderfully delicious after a long day in the sun. 

Plan to enjoy your own glass (or bottle!) of Barone Fini next week at Prezza. Remember, every single glass purchased will have 100% of the proceeds donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank. 


*This post was created in partnership with Barone FIni. As always, all opinions are 100 percent my own. 




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