Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

I can't believe I am saying this, but Mother's Day is only two weeks away! If you're like me and your mama lives out of state, you can't leave present shopping to the last minute because you need to build in time for your perfect finds to ship. Or if you are really crazy like me, you have to leave time for the item to ship to your house first, then wrap it, add the card you picked out, put it in a new box and ship it to her house. 

I've scoured the internet for the best gifts for all the mamas in your life. Here are my top 8 picks for wow-ing on May 8th. 

For the glamour girl: If your mother, grandmother or aunt is super into baubles (and all the women in the Galler family are) I love both of these necklaces from J. Crew. This first one, a link design, is a color they called Tuscan Olive. It's simple but very sophisticated. 

J. Crew Lucite Necklace

I'm also a huge fan of this tortoise color and style. The gold chain gives it a sense of occasion. 

J. Crew Tortoise Necklace

For the hostess: I learned the art of entertaining from my mother. We share a love of beautifully set tables and luxurious paper goods. I thought of her immediately when I saw these floral dinner plates from the new Kate Spade home collection. 

Kate Spade Floral Dinner Plate

Continuing with the floral theme, have you seen the amazing items in the Marimekko collection for Target? I'm obsessed with these reversible placemats. Two awesome patterns in one!

Marimekko Placemats

I can't explain it, but pineapples are everywhere this season. I find myself gravitating towards them everywhere I see them - towels, tote bags, sun dresses and even home decor. Since my mom lives in Miami, anything pineapple seems totally appropriate for her tropical locale. For her next party I know she'd love to have these Anthropologie pineapple candle holders on the table. 

Anthropologie Candle Holders

For the cook: When I saw this customizable gift from Pinhole Press I got a little misty. They offer a personalized gift where you can take family recipes and have them turned into fridge magnets. How sweet would it be to take the recipes you used to make as a little girl with your mom or your grandma and have them turned into something she can look at every day in the kitchen? 

Pinhole Press Recipe Magnets

For the den mother: We all have that person in our lives, whether it's our own mother, a mother-in-law or even a co-worker who is the woman constantly looking out for everyone, making sure they have enough food, they get home safely, their plane landed, etc. You know exactly who I am talking about. For that mama bear, you've got order this mug

Mama Bear Mug

For the new mom: Since Mother's Day last year I have had many friends and family members give birth to their first baby. Gift that new mama a bag that's beautiful and stylish, but still has plenty of room for all the baby essentials - diapers, pacifiers and Puffs. 

Kate Spade Baby Bag

And there you have it! My great 8 for May 8th. 

Happy shopping! 



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