Sugar Fix: Morgenstern's

Yesterday I shared with you my trip to NYC's The Meatball Shop. You may have noticed that we didn't order any dessert with our dinner. That's because from the very beginning we had planned the evening as a two stop tour. Stop one: The Meatball Shop. Stop two: Morgenstern's.

I heard about Morgenstern's from a Boston friend who had visited New York a few weeks prior. She told me it was wildly popular and that the flavor combinations were very unique.

We headed that way around 9:00pm and the place was packed with a line out the door.

Everyone standing in line is looking up at the menu above the counter.

Rather than have 25 different flavors, Morgenstern's has four bases - vanilla, coffee, caramel and chocolate - and each can be infused with a special flavor.

For example, you can have coffee as cafe latte or caramel as salted pretzel.

When you reach the counter, a chipper woman in a paper hat takes your order.

After much deliberation, I ordered the vanilla with angel food cake, topped with chocolate chunks and luxardo cherries.

How good does that combo look?

My college bestie ordered two scoops - the chocolate sorbet (non-dairy) and the schoolyard mint chip.

This chocolate sorbet was so sinfully good it was impossible to believe it had no dairy. The schoolyard mint gets its name from the community garden where they grow the mint. This flavor was so fresh. You could truly taste the mint leaves in every bite.

On our way out, I couldn't help but notice Morgenstern's swag section. I was seriously considering the I (Heart) NY tote bag where the heart is replaced with an ice cream cone.

If you find yourself in the Lower East Side in search of a treat, whip up a wacky flavor combo at Morgenstern's.


this place totally just went on my summer "to do" list. and i think i know what's coming up next! ;-)

Yay! You are always my NYC concierge, so I feel honored when a place I go winds up on your list. And yes, you do know what's coming up!


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