Dining Out: Le Cafe

While in Las Vegas earlier this month I fell in love.

I fell in love with this view which I had each and every time I left my hotel and walked by the Paris.

On our third day in town we had a small window in which we could grab lunch. We kept returning to Paris because it was right next door and had shorter lines than most of the other hotels and casinos.

On this day we decided on Le Cafe, the main dining area in Paris' casino. The restaurant is meant to feel like a Parisian cafe.

We were seated on the "patio" which is actually indoors. Don't let those painted ceilings fool you!

From our seats on the faux patio we had a view of the entire casino. The soundtrack to our meal was the blinking sound of the slot machines.

Le Cafe had a traditional French menu with plenty of choices.

Our waiter brought us a basket of bread, complete with a pat of butter which was topped with freshly ground black pepper. That pepper was such a small touch, but it made a world of difference.

After the bread, we each had a spinach salad, but apparently I deleted the picture I took of it while editing the photos for this post. Whoops! Imagine a big white serving bowl full of fresh spinach leaves, gorgonzola cheese, pecans and cranberries.

Wanting a bit more substance, we each ordered a side dish. My coworker ordered the mashed potatoes which came in this petite iron skillet. She said they were "Amazing and so buttery."

I went with the French fries which were just ok. This is strike two for me on Vegas French fries!

During our meal, Le Cafe's manager stopped by twice to see how we were enjoying our lunch. He was a great conversationalist and made us feel welcome. We genuinely felt appreciated.

Though we chose Le Cafe out of convenience, it turned out to be a surprisingly nice experience.

Next up, my favorite meal of the entire trip. Come back for the reveal!


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