90210: Happy Holidays?

What a huge week on 90210! Teddy and Ian! Navid and Silver! Annie and Liam! Adriana's take down, Cannon reappears, Dixon sees a secret tryst . . . where to begin!

Can we all say a collective "finally" that Teddy has accepted his feelings for Ian and they're going to give it a shot? How can you not love Ian? It will be very interesting to see what Dixon does with this new information.

Another cheer for Navid and Silver! Though I am in no way advocating cheating, it was about damn time! The previews for next week only look steamier.

Oh, Annie. Annie is the "desperate to fall in love" girl. Go ahead, love brothers.

I would also like to applaud Adriana's fall from grace. I was reaching a boiling point with her self centered behavior and poof! Just like that, all is right in the world again. I wonder if she will start abusing drugs again. What do you think?

In the final scene of the episode my heart stopped when I saw Mr. Cannon hiding behind a door in Naomi's room! Pretty please don't let him hurt her again.

On another note, the fashion in this episode was incredible. I loved the polka dot dress Silver wore when she arrived to Adriana's castle and the cream colored, one shoulder dress Naomi wore to the holiday party. Ultra chic.

Which was your favorite hook up this episode?


So what happened to saying Merry Christmas? There is nothing wrong with that. But just hearing everyone wishing "Happy Holidays" to every one else is ridiculous!


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