Gossip Girl: Happy Birthday Blair

Tonight on Gossip Girl we celebrated Blair Waldorf's 20th birthday. Of course Rihanna's "Only Girl in the World" would be playing while she sealed her birthday party invitations. Perfection.

Before the party begins, Blair and Chuck draft a peace treaty, at the demand of Serena and Nate. Hilarious.

Once the party is under way several special guests make an appearance including Joe Zee of ELLE magazine and stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe. Do you think Rodger put them up to the chocolate fountain?

At the party Serena brings Nate to help keep her away from Colin. The tension is building between them and six weeks of waiting is starting to feel like six years. Even to me.

This hour the Juliet/Ben plot continues to thicken. What vendetta do they have against Serena?

At the close of the episode Chuck rips the peace treaty to shreds and pounces on Blair. Literally. Did anyone else notice they were both wearing black and red? A nod to the vampire trend?

In previews for next week, Chuck and Blair explore being enemies with benefits. Hot.


SUCH a good episode. I LOVED the peace treaty signing. Hysterical. And I was screaming at the tv at the end yelling, "JUST KISS HER ALREADY!" Next week looks so good. I'm beyond thrilled that Blair/Chuck are sort of back together.

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