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When I first graduated from college I moved into a gorgeous apartment in Inman Square. I fell in love with so many local spots walking distance from my place, including the best gift store on the planet, Boutique Fabulous.

Boutique Fabulous is located on Cambridge Street right in the heart of Inman Square. The store is on the same block as East Coast Grill, Christina's Ice Cream and the All Star Sandwich Bar (which I have reviewed). You can spot the shop by it's purple awning.

The owner of Boutique Fabulous, Mara Anka Kustra, has incredible taste. The store offers housewares, home decor, furniture, vintage clothes, jewelry, handbags, stunning paper cards and gifts. Every time I need a birthday gift, housewarming present or want something new and fun for myself this is my first stop.

Yesterday I dropped in looking for birthday cards and gifts for two girlfriends. Not only did I find wonderful presents for them, but I found a little something for myself!

I purchased this beautiful necklace made by Bee Jewelry. It has a long silver chain, two delicate, fabric flowers and large, glistening crystals.

I can already picture wearing this necklace with several of my favorite outfits. I was already in love with the necklace when the store clerk offered to wrap it up. She placed the necklace into this beautiful box with purple tissue paper and a purple ribbon. Love!

If you're in need of a unique, stunning gift, Boutique Fabulous should be your first stop. Mara's taste is unparalleled. Join their email list for promotions, sale information and coupons.


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