Dining Out: The Daily

Two mornings ago my mother, sister and I fled the apartment early in the morning to avoid some work being done inside the house. My mother took us to one of her favorite breakfast places in Miami, The Daily.

Located on Biscayne Blvd, The Daily serves breakfast and lunch from an intimidatingly large menu that hangs above the cash registers. I was completely overwhelmed when trying to decide what to order!

In the end I created my own omelet of mushrooms, onions and Swiss cheese (my go-to omelet combo), my mother ordered a veggie omelet and my sister ordered eggs, bacon and toast.

The food is served on custom plates with the restaurant's logo (very cute). The tables are covered in a plastic finish that looks like newsprint. All the tables and chairs are red, which adds some fun to the decor.

The food was excellent, the portions were generous, the staff was very friendly and they were playing great music from their sound system. The Daily is the perfect spot to take a break from a busy day with family or friends. Low key, casual and delicious.


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