The City: WTF

This week's episode of "The City" can be summed up in three letters: WTF.

1) Freddie has a girlfriend? Excuse me? Why take Whit on all those dates? Why put her through the awkwardness of meeting your father? Why cock block adorable little brother Harry? And why didn't Sammy know about this if she and Freddie are friends?

2) Whit's bathingsuit.

3) Erin throwing Olivia so shamelessly under the bus, I actually felt badly for Olivia, and I hate Olivia. I am starting to think Erin has no soul.

4) Kelly threatens to fire Whit? In previews for next week it seems Kelly goes off on Whit and Roxy after poor behavior at a People's Revolution event. I thought Kelly was Whit's biggest supporter? I do not like where this is headed. Pot stirrer Roxy strikes again!

Got to hand it to you MTV, Season 2 is bringing it.


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I completely agree that This week's episode of "The City" can be summed up in three letters: WTF. I read about it on stratfordartsguild and it was quite amusing and dissapointing.


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