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Golden Globe Awards 2017: Best And Worst Dressed

The Golden Globes are one of my most favorite events of the entire year. You have the best of television, movies and music all in one room, with access to unlimited booze, on live TV. What could be better? 

January 9, 2017

Stream: Good Girls Revolt

Over the holiday break I did a lot of streaming. Let's just say that Netflix and Amazon are running out of things to recommend to me, that is the level of consumption we're talking about. 

January 5, 2017

Stream: Mozart In The Jungle (Season 3)

In January 2016 Gael Garcia Bernal won "Best Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy" at the Golden Globes, beating out fan favorite Jeffrey Tambor from "Transparent." As I watched that happen, I made a mental note to check out Bernal's show, "Mozart in the Jungle." 

December 27, 2016

Stream: Transparent (Season 3)

Over the past week or so, many of my favorite shows have gone on winter hiatus, which is giving me extra time to stream. I sped through Transparent season one and season two the very first weekend they were available. However, when season three came out, I thought I was going to watch with my mom over Thanksgiving, but she couldn't wait and watched without me! 

December 22, 2016

Stream: The Crown

When I was home in Miami, FL over Thanksgiving my mother and my sister were raving about the new Netflix original series "The Crown." They had both devoured it within days. Personally, I was hesitant to watch because I don't usually enjoy those types of shows. I couldn't get into "Downton Abbey" or "The Tudors," not even with smoking hot Jonathan Rhys Meyers. 

December 16, 2016

Stream: Gilmore Girls - A Year In The Life

Over Thanksgiving weekend Netflix released the much anticipated Gilmore Girls revival called "A Year In The Life." I watched Gilmore Girls live when it was on, I own the entire series on DVD and I've even re-watched all seven seasons on Netflix. For my fellow die hard fans, I am Team Jess. 

I was really anxious to see how Netflix would bring us back to Stars Hollow after all this time. The reason the new episodes are called "A Year In The Life" is because there are four installments - one per season (winter, spring, summer and fall). Each episode is 90 minutes long. 

December 5, 2016

Stream: Quantico (Season 1)

Every time I finish a show or a series I turn to my friend Stephanie for a recommendation on what to watch next. She's the one who got me into Younger and Hart of Dixie.

October 17, 2016

Stream: Hart of Dixie (Seasons 1 - 4)

With all of my regular season shows on hiatus for the summer, I got in a lot of streaming time these last few months.

October 5, 2016

Emmy Awards 2016: Best And Worst Dressed

I love the Emmy Awards because they fall in September, four months before the height of awards season in January, February and March. The Emmys are like the very delicious appetizer before the main course. I also enjoy them because they celebrate primetime television and let's be honest, I watch a ton of TV (and Amazon and Netflix). 

I turned on the E! red carpet at about 6:00pm, just as the stars were arriving in mass. Below is my list of this year's best and worst dressed. 


September 19, 2016

Stream: Grace and Frankie (Seasons 1 & 2)

I hate writing negative reviews, but in this case, I felt I should spare you 13 hours of streaming a crappy show when you could be spending those valuable binge watching hours on a show worthy of your free time. 

Grace and Frankie is a Netflix original series that debuted in 2015. The show stars Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen. A great cast, no? 

August 26, 2016

Stream: Mozart In The Jungle (Seasons 1 & 2)

This summer I have been streaming up a storm. I've already watched Bloodline (Season 2), Orange is the New Black (Season 4) and Catastrophe (Seasons 1 & 2). When I finished Catastrophe I was itching for another show to start right away.

August 16, 2016

Stream: Catastrophe (Seasons 1 & 2)

One of the best things about summer is being able to finally check out all the shows you've been reading about or hearing about from family, friends and coworkers. Most of the popular fall TV shows are on hiatus all summer, giving all of us binge watchers plenty of time to stream in June, July and August. 

August 2, 2016