Dining Out: Bayside at Sugar Beach St. Lucia

Our first evening at Sugar Beach in St. Lucia we were exhausted. We had woken up at 3:00am to begin the travel journey and we finally made it to the resort around 4:30pm. After a false start checking into our villa (housekeeping was still getting the space ready for us) and a quick dip in the pool, we were very ready for dinner. 

Gus, our concierge, had made a reservation for us at Bayside, one of the two restaurants on the beach. 

Bayside Sugar Beach St Lucia

On Bayside's website (and in the guide in our villa) it says, "Resort chic encouraged" as the dress code. I already knew I would love this place. 

When we arrived, the hostess walked us to a giant table that could easily fit eight people. There were traditional dining chairs on one side and bench / sofa-style seating on the other. I wasted no time shimmying into the couch side. 

We kicked things off with a round of drinks. I went super tropical and got the passion fruit daiquiri (pictured at the far left). It was fantastic. It tasted like a blended fresh fruit popsicle. 

Bayside Sugar Beach St Lucia

The two girls who got the pink drinks (I remember one was guava) were underwhelmed. 

We were very hungry so we ordered two appetizers to share. The first to arrive was the burrata wrapped in prosciutto. I thought this was such a pretty presentation. 

Bayside Sugar Beach St Lucia

The greens and tomatoes on the center of the plate were very fresh. We loved this dish and devoured it quickly. 

To accompany our burrata, we ordered a side of French fries. Classy, I know. 

Bayside Sugar Beach St Lucia

The French fries at Sugar Beach are McDonalds-level good. Thin, crispy and deliciously salty. This was a very large portion too. 

For the main course, two of the girls ordered the Mediterranean salad. They both agreed it was well dressed and flavorful. One friend commented, "Salad can be lame, but this one was excellent and had tons of goodies." 

Bayside Sugar Beach St Lucia

My fellow vegetarian and I decided to share two dishes. The first was the cauliflower steak with za'atar and yogurt sauce. 

Bayside Sugar Beach St Lucia

We were both super impressed by the dish and found every za'atar-coated bite to be completely addicting. 

Next, we shared the mushroom risotto. I was shocked when it arrived in a tomato broth. The combination of the tomato, the mushrooms and the fresh parmesan cheese on top made it taste like a pizza. 

Bayside Sugar Beach St Lucia

Of course we saved room for dessert. Two of us shared the flourless chocolate cake with caramel ice cream.

Bayside Sugar Beach St Lucia

The cake had a rich chocolate flavor and crunchy texture on top that I wasn't expecting. The best bites were ones were you got a little bit of cake and a little bit of ice cream on your spoon at the same time. 

The other two girls each ordered one scoop of ice cream, honey on the left and chocolate on the right.

Bayside Sugar Beach St Lucia

We had a good laugh looking at the menu and discovering there was a mystery flavor called "alfredo." That night they were sold out of it, so we couldn't even order it to experience what on earth alfredo ice cream might be. 

That night at the restaurant there was a live band. They were high energy and playing catchy tunes, which helped to perk us up. 

Unfortunately, the service was incredibly slow. Sometimes 30 minutes would go by without anyone checking on us, and our server never asked if we wanted a second round of drinks. 

Our reservation was at 8:00pm, but if we were to dine there again, we would have timed the meal with sunset, which is at 6:30pm. The restaurant has such a beautiful view of the beach and the sun sets right there in the center of the ocean. 

We did manage to dine at sunset a few nights later at the restaurant right next door, Jalouise Grill. Our table was right on the beach. We flicked off our shoes and enjoyed the evening with our feet in the sand. 

Bayside Sugar Beach St Lucia

We happened to arrive on Creole Night where the restaurant transforms into a giant buffet of local delicacies. The conch fritters were a huge hit in our group, accompanied by fried bread and sweet potato fries. 

The buffet also includes a ridiculous dessert spread with multiple cakes, pastries, candies and a chocolate fountain. My favorite treat was vanilla wafer cookies dipped into the chocolate fountain. 

The buffet is $95 dollars per person. It's unlimited, so you can go back up as many times as you want. 

On Creole Night they have a live band with steel drums, which we absolutely loved. It was a perfect night! 

*All photography by Molly Galler. 


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