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I discovered author Jasmine Guillory on my favorite podcast, Forever35. After listening to her interview, I ordered her first book, The Wedding Date. I loved it so much that I pre-ordered her second book, The Proposal, and then her third, The Wedding Party. When I learned she was releasing a fourth book for holiday season, I grabbed that too! 

Royal Holiday is the story of Vivian Forest (mother to Maddie Forest from The Wedding Party) and how she unexpectedly finds love on a Christmas trip to England. Maddie, a fashion stylist, is invited to the U.K. to dress the Duchess for Christmas week. She invites her mother to come along for the once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Royal Holiday

Across the pond, Vivian meets Malcolm Hudson, the Queen's private secretary. There are immediate sparks and they find themselves passing notes back and forth like school children. In what would surely be a scene in a rom-com, Malcolm teaches Vivian how to ride a horse. On Christmas Eve, they share a passionate kiss beneath the mistletoe. 

As their time with the Duchess is winding down, Maddie and Vivian plan to head to London for some sightseeing. Sensing his whirlwind romance may be coming to an end, Malcolm invites Vivian to extend her trip and stay with him. Panicked by how quickly everything is moving there are some irritating fights, but then, of course, a happy ending. 

I have to say, of all of Guillory's books, this one was the one I connected to the least. Maybe because I will never realistically meet the royal family? Maybe because the love story was between two people of my parents' generation? It just didn't feel as fun and flirty as the other three. 

Via her Instagram account, @JasminePics, Guillory announced on December 11 that she has a fifth book coming out, Party of Two. It's set to release on June 23, 2020. You better believe I'll be getting it in time for my summer trips! 

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I don't know about this book before.Grateful for your recommendation.

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